Yearly Reminder

The United States of America has always nursed fascist ideology, in the name of manifest destiny. I feel bad for white people that are just figuring it out with Donald’s rise, but there is a bit of schadenfreude as well. Well, actually there’s a whole lot of schadenfreude! It tends to get acute on patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, where it’s OK to celebrate the time that we ratified slavery into our essential constitution.

I mean how clear can it be, it’s wasn’t our Independence Day to make historical reference to! To celebrate community and country with family is never a bad thing, I love that part! But even mentioning the slavery aspect, on any day, we are called unpatriotic and told to get over it, let alone around the 4th of July. Well, sort of hard to do, when every damn year we celebrate and ignore, as a country, the section of the country that wasn’t set free by the Fourth of July.

And let’s be very clear, there is no we and us. No monoliths then I speak of. There are black people that are patriotic without acknowledging this and I have made peace with their silence, ain’t mad at the folk. There are white people that stay pissed off and what they see in the hypocrisy forced upon them. And then they’re all the other great cultures and subcultures, all sharing space and culture over the generations. I am talking to those who specifically don’t accept that for non-white Americans in the United States, specifically the descendants of slaves, the Fourth of July is not our Independence Day.

Now as to the question of patriotism, Does this mean I hate the country today? No it does not, in fact I would argue that to rebel against tyranny and oppression in any form is sort of Americas jam, after all. 😉 No, quite the opposite, I had the most vested interest in the success of the American dream. Read the constitution and imagine that instead of just imagining freedom for white men, instead those parts were written with freedom for all. It’s a beautiful document, a grand concept for government. It was even slick enough to build the process that would be able to amend our society to a free and equal status for all, in the future. I’m patriotic for that to be our collective defacto truth like a mug!

Without us all knowing or acknowledging our past, how possibly can we keep on building to the future that we all want?

The purpose of debate is not to win at all costs. That’s a juvenile perversion, a low level of chest thumping and virtue signaling, replete with snappy insults and canned moaning, I’m not inviting that here. Instead for those find discomfort that the isn’t a Black Peoples historical Independence Day, please think of working toward a day when we can all declare, “We started at the bottom and ended up here.” 😄

Many of already are working in that direction, I know this, but I’m solely pleading you who find it an unpatriotic view, understand it’s Independence Day with big ass asterisk for some of us. Acknowledge that speaking on it doesn’t make you less of a patriot, it make you more of one. With liberty and justice for all, am I right?

Have a happy 4th y’all, eat copious amounts of good 4th of July food, watch those fireworks and slam some dominos for me!