I already am where I came from.

I heard a story about an intelligence analysis contest held by the CIA. They gave a medium level, intel question set to a bunch of ordinary folk & professional analysts, matched what they can figure out with Google as opposed to the professionals with the full toolkit. Seems a hairdresser in Ohio had one of the most remarkable record in predictions, consistently beat the professionals at Langley.

Absolutely nobody needs inside information to see the clear and present danger, in my opinion. There is some crazy dissociative problem with the American memory, I’m always astounded by how the treatment of minorities in particular is always not considered in these assessments.

A portion of American White Culture has always been about churn and burn, short term profit and damn labors rights. Right next to slavery in the exploitive category, less profoundly evil than chattel slavery but still on the unspeakable scale , is the story of American labor.

The certainty to blame Trump and his administration misses that the seeds of this “coup” were planted long ago.

I trace this most recent iteration directly to Jimmy Carter and his purge of the CIA and Intelligence. The whole Iranian hostage ending to coincide with the election of the 1st Star president. I mean, come on, hostage release timed with the inauguration? Ex CIA chief the VP, with the useful idiot up front? That doesn’t scream spy novel dust jacket? He settled Carters hash, then took the power of the throne.

88: Iran-contra gate, drugs into the poorer urban black communities escalates, yadda yadda, then Bush takes the seat. Gets his oil grudges on in Iraq, decides fuck this public eye bullshit and we get our 1st young, charismatic, policy wonk, guy from nowhere, who in his 8 years carries out more Republican public policy than Bush could have dreamed of.

We accelerate our ‘we the worlds sheriff now!’ And program. Some cool genre movies like BlackHawk Down emerge.

In this 20 year period we have created the new never ending threat, to replace those Russians and Chinese, the Muslims.

2000 Junior takes a turn, and regardless of motive, it can be agreed on millions died and many millions suffered as a direct result of the second Iraq war on Terror.

2003 Bush starts calling America the Homeland, everybody whose up on the Fatherland connotation shudders. Airport security, strictly for show and conditioning begins.

Across America, schools, government buildings and private business start physically searching people, conditioning continues. In NYC, some LEOs patrol with automatic weapons, and stop and frisk is rolled out, but being that in basically doesn’t effect white people, the implications go unnoticed by the general press.

2008, second photogenic, policy wonk with a talented wife gets the nods, he can’t play sax, but man can he sing and tell jokes. And again, under his watch, he carry’s out more Republican wish list items than Bush could have ever dreamed of.

Short list, Iraq, 90 percent collateral damage drone strike rate, assassin list, locking up whistle blowers, militarizing police, using occupy to practice, this is is also the test rollout of antifa, the plucky group of white guys in masks who show up at the end of rallies to break shit up. Three active officers were outed in Oakland, I know of at least two others.

I mean really, you don’t think they could have caught those guys?by now? Really?

Trump likes to point out Obama was hard on the Border, like it was a discovery or something. Obama was the best moderate right Republican in policy since Eisenhower, and considering the handicap, he did what you can sitting in the killing throne.

Trump is certainly a clear danger and extreme, but with historical perspective, he’s a continuation, ‘not an originator.

That was hella brief. A Facebook comment can’t even do justice to a summary, let alone details. Many many subplots left out of this sparse outline.

But summary as follows:

Republican party’s the face of it, but… The system itself is more WWE scripted than random, and the collusion I worry about more is the one that resulted in Democrats in Masse voting for Iraq II.

Say we get a Dem ticket to stop the bad man, last two times that happened…

Emergency security acts will be re signed, whistle blowers will be publically pilloried, and I get Republicans sucking Putin’s ring finger, but how and hell are mainstream Democrats bringing the Russians back to world threat status, again?

Well at least we know on a domestic level, there is a lesser evil between the two choices. Vote democrat, because if we have to sort it out, and we do, it’s better to operate kneedeep in shit than up to your neck.