Jazz with that cool hard Edge.

The epitome of cool jazz when I was growing up was John Coltrane on the 8 track in my dad’s 98. I didn’t appreciate him till I got older, his whole thing just wasn’t working for my young pop self. But I got a earful in car rides, Charlie Mingus, Diana Washington, Nina Simone, Jazz Crusaders, he was all about it.


Deporting legal Haitians?


Deporting every person of color possible stays high on the Trump led enforcement divisions lists, ICE, DHS, and Border Patrol. While Trumps clowns on Twitter with LeVar Ball, they straight fuxing with millions of POC’s lives. Here’s another 60’000 people turn in the barrel.

“Haiti has been devastated by disease and an earthquake in 2010 that killed an estimated 230,000 people.
Haitian immigrants to the United States have been a benefit and boon.

That is the context.

That is the history.

Now the reality is that the Trump Administration is telling nearly 60,000 Haitians allowed to live and work in the United States since the earthquake to “GET OUT!”

These are not new arrivals. These are men, women,and children who have been living here for years.

Of course, the storyline that runs through this administration continues with this latest injustice. Would the Administration have acted if the Haitians who they say no longer belong were of a different ethnicity?

Haven’t heard about a big push to kick out all the illegal Irish, have we?

(It’s important to note the Administration also appealed their Muslim travel ban to the Supreme Court).

We are better than this. And I think most Americans know it.” – Dan Rather, edited.

No boycott for me, not exactly

I wouldn’t stop watching football because of Colin Kaepernick being shunned by the NFL this year. After all, it’s not like we just discovered the inherent racism and overall lack of care about the players that is in endemic in the league, is it? If we avoided all the large businesses in the US that had racist tendencies, one would would have a very limited range of choices. 
As bad as it feels to realize, “no Charlotte, racism isn’t fading out after all” It’s been my experience over my years that the pockets of equality are getting larger and larger, and the micro aggressions to macro aggression’s of racism are getting more and more infrequent, in regards to big business and small. Geographical location and of course luck are always to be considered in the equation still, but less.

No, my pro football days watching days were over in that Seattle vs San Francisco NFC West Championship. Furious smacks talk all year, well by the time they got to the game, they were all done talking. When the game started, they were leg whipping, late hard ass tackling, head hunting and all that. 

The referees let it happen too. 

Careers were ended, bones broken, ligaments bent in wrong directions, concussion protocol and the accident buggy were activated many times that afternoon.

But it was like the last game in the original Rollerball, no more rules, just pain. Nobody got suspended after, so I was done. 

Added to the Concussion knowledge and seeing middle age players hobble at 50, it’s too high a price. Man, I once knew a kid in Pop Warner who blew out his ACL in a game at 11. Dang 11 years old and that changed his life. Too many other kids get rocked, too, the sport is just too brutal from top to bottom. 

The Seattle game was just the final straw for me, really.

So watch the games if you want to, I say. Marshon Lynch and the Oakland Raiders are cooking up something special this year. I’m so done with football I’m not even watching them, but I like the story. I don’t think the true fans should deny and miss, instead I think contacting your teams management and ask them what concrete steps they’ll take to mitigate this issue might be nice.

I respect the Boycott though, if I actually watched the game I might have joined, but I won’t shame fans. You can vote with your dollar, you can vote with positive political pressure too or you can do as you damn please, that’s not for me to decide.

In fact, I might watch Oakland in the playoffs, with Lynch on board, I think it’s a wrap, and it’s more than talent, it’s that chemistry. Lynch belongs to Oakland and Oakland belongs to him. Dereck from the Valley too, that’s some powerful home cooking for the last years by the Bay.

If the League wants redemption, let me see some of community commercials working on better community police practices. They have enormous pull with all communities, including law enforcement. Instead of deflecting the truth do shamefully, I hope the NFL will look to shape the future.

Answers for classic tropes

  1. “No white man today has never owned a slave, and no black man today has ever been enslaved.”

No white citizen today has had laws based specifically on the color of his skin. Anybody black born before 1964 has. That was the *civil rights movement.”

 so…. there’s that.

2. If black power is okay, Mexican power, Indian power, lbgt power why the hell can’t we have white power?

In the simplest of terms, white power is about keeping the status quo and power as it as, whereas black power and some of the other powers mentioned are about acheiving equality

Wish it had worked.

It was one of the few redeeming qualities that the Trump campaign had, in my measure.  Clinton was talking tough on Russia, sounding all the world like a Republican of the Reagan era. I didn’t want to return to the Cold War, and it seemed obvious that neither did the Trump campaign. They were in bed with the Russians, this much was obvious. I mean Trump, actually address the audience during a debate and said, please leak more Russians, if you’re listening. 

Then the defense was, hey if it gives us useful information who cares where the source came from? It was outrageous defense, but everything about Trump is outsized and outrageous, it’s his thing, right? Kept us out of a escalating war with Russia, I was all good at least with that part of the Trump train.

Well, the Russians bomb the shit out of our allies in Syria, they are being very aggressive in Ukraine and they currently have a spy vessel on the coast of Eastern America. Trump should be able to see the boat from the White House any day now, as it makes its leisurely cruise up the eastern seaboard.  So all that collusion with the Russians, now being easily approved, didn’t do jack shit except embolden Putin.

Clocks run out.

Your on the official record now, Son. 

Welcome to the big leagues, meat.

Fresh out of give them a chance.

Naw Son, I’m good. 
Kelly Ann is being investigated for an open ad on Fox morning for Ivanka, and Donald steaming mad that his daughter is being boycotted to the point that retailers are dropping her product like hot potato. We know this because Donald is tweeting about it. The president of the United States is tweeting about Nordstrom’s. While his daughter is posing with the Canadian prime minister and has her father in the White House sitting behind the desk.

I’m supposed to not see the conflict of interest? Naw Son. 
We’re supposed to give that a chance? This is incredible! The White House is openly hawking a product sold by the daughter of the president! She’s a brand. Her Dads a brand! How is this even wait and see?

Your new Secatary of Education, Madame DeVos

“DeVos isn’t an educator, or an education leader. She’s not an expert in pedagogy or curriculum or school governance. In fact, she has no relevant credentials or experience for a job setting standards and guiding dollars for the nation’s public schools.

She is, in essence, a lobbyist — someone who has used her extraordinary wealth to influence the conversation about education reform, and to bend that conversation to her ideological convictions despite the dearth of evidence supporting them.”1


1. Washington Post

The iron fist and the velvet glove.

I always find it ironic, that in a country that honors its war for rebellion from authority, violent rebellion from a unjust government, wants to call the same unpatriotic. 😂
The iron fist doesn’t work unless it offered in tandem with the velvet glove. You need both when confronting government sanctioned violence. 
Imma gonna let threatening to repeal the Dream Act qualify for government sponsered violence. Trump sat on the set of 60 minutes and implied there were 2 million criminals that needed deportation. That clumsy bit where he said we review it after they’re all gone, “Who can come back?” 
Well, that’s what that meant, deport the Dream act kids after repeal of the excutive order. We explore the necessity for violence when we are cornered and our very way of life is threatened, violent response from the mob is a time honored tradition. 
Pitchforks and Torches baby.
But I digress, now back to our analogy!
 There is no need to listen Ben Franklin in England or France, if George Washington wasn’t kicking up dust.
There is no Martin with without Malcom.
No Ghandi without 50 million pissed off Indians not even inclined to simma down.
When you negotiate with the promise of government violence without the iron fist at the ready, no one give you a thing. Conversely, if you just rage without the velvet glove, you will only provoke merciless, overwhelming force.
It is the combination of the promise of violence, coupled with peace that wins the respect at the table.
I speak not on morality of this, but historical analysis, when is not so?
Even with both elements you can get wiped out, but without them, it will never happen.
So respectfully I say love this beautiful display of solidarity, but I always know the need for the promise of disruptive, violent resistance.

 We have a crisis for Americans. The man wants to round up 2 million of us under the color of deporting felons, he now has the power to do it.
 The threat of violence goes away when the threat is removed.
A micro example is the excellent job LA LEOs are doing. 8000 people, 8 arrests? Outstanding example. They did with a display force coupled with gracious diplomacy. The protesters and police had a handshake line at the end!

I salute all you protesters, but I stand firm, without the threat of violence, yo ass is Tibet.


MLK = Non Violence is a weary fiction. 

I was there and I have a response to this assertion based on the following, 
The whitewashing of who King actually was and what actually happened…Popular opinion in White media of the time sounded at best as heavy handed criticism of BLM today. Effective protest is not homogenous nor #alwaysnonviolent MLK fairytales told today. 

I suggest for any who doubt that to do the research before presenting a rebuttal. This is all vetted, front page of a google search findable. 

While you about it, search Muhammad Ali, the same process of pacifying, sanitizing and co opting Black revolutionary figures of the past is well documented there as well.

Either they get demonized, Black Panthers and Huey style. Written out ( ) ( google the forgotten heroes of the Black history and why this American history isn’t widely taught?) or they get sanitized.

History is necessarily fiction by form, but touted as non fiction and inclusive, which until recently was quite impossible to record. Hell, its hard to observe all the recorded events we have now!

Another avenue of proof of this built in feature regarding Black in Western History in the USA, is explorable by querying Moors in Europe. (Peek at the answer, it was waaay more than Othello.)

MLK non violence promotes violence, by the other side! They know blocking roads, stores and such will call repressive violence from the state, that’s the whole freaking point. The more violent elements that are rebelling in their own fashion are always condemned soundly. 

(*See debates and conflicts between MLK and SNIK.)

The power structure and supporters always try to paint the entire protest as a violent aggression by scary (paid protesters, outsiders, and in this cycle the ever popular minions of Soros), they know it’s a war of hearts and minds of the greater public too.

This is all as stylized and repeated in our shared history as a ancient Kabuki play, WWE wrestling or General Hospital. Don’t take this a hostile criticism, but more of a proof of why I say,
MLK doesn’t equal non violence.