Jazz with that cool hard Edge.

The epitome of cool jazz when I was growing up was John Coltrane on the 8 track in my dad’s 98. I didn’t appreciate him till I got older, his whole thing just wasn’t working for my young pop self. But I got a earful in car rides, Charlie Mingus, Diana Washington, Nina Simone, Jazz Crusaders, he was all about it.


Take America back? I didn’t know we lost it.

14 seconds long

Its a little chilling for a person of color to hear that “take America back”slogan in the Trump context. I suppose you have to be a certain age, or at least have a certain knowledge of history to wonder where in America we are talking about going back to. Forget that! I’m 55 mayne, I just got here! 

In my life,  casual racism has diminished greatly, but no doubt it’s still there it’s some extent, and Donald Trump is bringing all of it out to the open.
Be upset that Hillary was soundbited saying she didn’t remember if she wiped her servers, if you must, but at least she wasn’t soundbited saying that she didn’t remember who David Duke was, was she?