I already am where I came from.

I heard a story about an intelligence analysis contest held by the CIA. They gave a medium level, intel question set to a bunch of ordinary folk & professional analysts, matched what they can figure out with Google as opposed to the professionals with the full toolkit. Seems a hairdresser in Ohio had one of the most remarkable record in predictions, consistently beat the professionals at Langley.

Absolutely nobody needs inside information to see the clear and present danger, in my opinion. There is some crazy dissociative problem with the American memory, I’m always astounded by how the treatment of minorities in particular is always not considered in these assessments.

A portion of American White Culture has always been about churn and burn, short term profit and damn labors rights. Right next to slavery in the exploitive category, less profoundly evil than chattel slavery but still on the unspeakable scale , is the story of American labor.

The certainty to blame Trump and his administration misses that the seeds of this “coup” were planted long ago.

I trace this most recent iteration directly to Jimmy Carter and his purge of the CIA and Intelligence. The whole Iranian hostage ending to coincide with the election of the 1st Star president. I mean, come on, hostage release timed with the inauguration? Ex CIA chief the VP, with the useful idiot up front? That doesn’t scream spy novel dust jacket? He settled Carters hash, then took the power of the throne.

88: Iran-contra gate, drugs into the poorer urban black communities escalates, yadda yadda, then Bush takes the seat. Gets his oil grudges on in Iraq, decides fuck this public eye bullshit and we get our 1st young, charismatic, policy wonk, guy from nowhere, who in his 8 years carries out more Republican public policy than Bush could have dreamed of.

We accelerate our ‘we the worlds sheriff now!’ And program. Some cool genre movies like BlackHawk Down emerge.

In this 20 year period we have created the new never ending threat, to replace those Russians and Chinese, the Muslims.

2000 Junior takes a turn, and regardless of motive, it can be agreed on millions died and many millions suffered as a direct result of the second Iraq war on Terror.

2003 Bush starts calling America the Homeland, everybody whose up on the Fatherland connotation shudders. Airport security, strictly for show and conditioning begins.

Across America, schools, government buildings and private business start physically searching people, conditioning continues. In NYC, some LEOs patrol with automatic weapons, and stop and frisk is rolled out, but being that in basically doesn’t effect white people, the implications go unnoticed by the general press.

2008, second photogenic, policy wonk with a talented wife gets the nods, he can’t play sax, but man can he sing and tell jokes. And again, under his watch, he carry’s out more Republican wish list items than Bush could have ever dreamed of.

Short list, Iraq, 90 percent collateral damage drone strike rate, assassin list, locking up whistle blowers, militarizing police, using occupy to practice, this is is also the test rollout of antifa, the plucky group of white guys in masks who show up at the end of rallies to break shit up. Three active officers were outed in Oakland, I know of at least two others.

I mean really, you don’t think they could have caught those guys?by now? Really?

Trump likes to point out Obama was hard on the Border, like it was a discovery or something. Obama was the best moderate right Republican in policy since Eisenhower, and considering the handicap, he did what you can sitting in the killing throne.

Trump is certainly a clear danger and extreme, but with historical perspective, he’s a continuation, ‘not an originator.

That was hella brief. A Facebook comment can’t even do justice to a summary, let alone details. Many many subplots left out of this sparse outline.

But summary as follows:

Republican party’s the face of it, but… The system itself is more WWE scripted than random, and the collusion I worry about more is the one that resulted in Democrats in Masse voting for Iraq II.

Say we get a Dem ticket to stop the bad man, last two times that happened…

Emergency security acts will be re signed, whistle blowers will be publically pilloried, and I get Republicans sucking Putin’s ring finger, but how and hell are mainstream Democrats bringing the Russians back to world threat status, again?

Well at least we know on a domestic level, there is a lesser evil between the two choices. Vote democrat, because if we have to sort it out, and we do, it’s better to operate kneedeep in shit than up to your neck.


Deporting legal Haitians?


Deporting every person of color possible stays high on the Trump led enforcement divisions lists, ICE, DHS, and Border Patrol. While Trumps clowns on Twitter with LeVar Ball, they straight fuxing with millions of POC’s lives. Here’s another 60’000 people turn in the barrel.

“Haiti has been devastated by disease and an earthquake in 2010 that killed an estimated 230,000 people.
Haitian immigrants to the United States have been a benefit and boon.

That is the context.

That is the history.

Now the reality is that the Trump Administration is telling nearly 60,000 Haitians allowed to live and work in the United States since the earthquake to “GET OUT!”

These are not new arrivals. These are men, women,and children who have been living here for years.

Of course, the storyline that runs through this administration continues with this latest injustice. Would the Administration have acted if the Haitians who they say no longer belong were of a different ethnicity?

Haven’t heard about a big push to kick out all the illegal Irish, have we?

(It’s important to note the Administration also appealed their Muslim travel ban to the Supreme Court).

We are better than this. And I think most Americans know it.” – Dan Rather, edited.

No boycott for me, not exactly

I wouldn’t stop watching football because of Colin Kaepernick being shunned by the NFL this year. After all, it’s not like we just discovered the inherent racism and overall lack of care about the players that is in endemic in the league, is it? If we avoided all the large businesses in the US that had racist tendencies, one would would have a very limited range of choices. 
As bad as it feels to realize, “no Charlotte, racism isn’t fading out after all” It’s been my experience over my years that the pockets of equality are getting larger and larger, and the micro aggressions to macro aggression’s of racism are getting more and more infrequent, in regards to big business and small. Geographical location and of course luck are always to be considered in the equation still, but less.

No, my pro football days watching days were over in that Seattle vs San Francisco NFC West Championship. Furious smacks talk all year, well by the time they got to the game, they were all done talking. When the game started, they were leg whipping, late hard ass tackling, head hunting and all that. 

The referees let it happen too. 

Careers were ended, bones broken, ligaments bent in wrong directions, concussion protocol and the accident buggy were activated many times that afternoon.

But it was like the last game in the original Rollerball, no more rules, just pain. Nobody got suspended after, so I was done. 

Added to the Concussion knowledge and seeing middle age players hobble at 50, it’s too high a price. Man, I once knew a kid in Pop Warner who blew out his ACL in a game at 11. Dang 11 years old and that changed his life. Too many other kids get rocked, too, the sport is just too brutal from top to bottom. 

The Seattle game was just the final straw for me, really.

So watch the games if you want to, I say. Marshon Lynch and the Oakland Raiders are cooking up something special this year. I’m so done with football I’m not even watching them, but I like the story. I don’t think the true fans should deny and miss, instead I think contacting your teams management and ask them what concrete steps they’ll take to mitigate this issue might be nice.

I respect the Boycott though, if I actually watched the game I might have joined, but I won’t shame fans. You can vote with your dollar, you can vote with positive political pressure too or you can do as you damn please, that’s not for me to decide.

In fact, I might watch Oakland in the playoffs, with Lynch on board, I think it’s a wrap, and it’s more than talent, it’s that chemistry. Lynch belongs to Oakland and Oakland belongs to him. Dereck from the Valley too, that’s some powerful home cooking for the last years by the Bay.

If the League wants redemption, let me see some of community commercials working on better community police practices. They have enormous pull with all communities, including law enforcement. Instead of deflecting the truth do shamefully, I hope the NFL will look to shape the future.

The iron fist and the velvet glove.

I always find it ironic, that in a country that honors its war for rebellion from authority, violent rebellion from a unjust government, wants to call the same unpatriotic. 😂
The iron fist doesn’t work unless it offered in tandem with the velvet glove. You need both when confronting government sanctioned violence. 
Imma gonna let threatening to repeal the Dream Act qualify for government sponsered violence. Trump sat on the set of 60 minutes and implied there were 2 million criminals that needed deportation. That clumsy bit where he said we review it after they’re all gone, “Who can come back?” 
Well, that’s what that meant, deport the Dream act kids after repeal of the excutive order. We explore the necessity for violence when we are cornered and our very way of life is threatened, violent response from the mob is a time honored tradition. 
Pitchforks and Torches baby.
But I digress, now back to our analogy!
 There is no need to listen Ben Franklin in England or France, if George Washington wasn’t kicking up dust.
There is no Martin with without Malcom.
No Ghandi without 50 million pissed off Indians not even inclined to simma down.
When you negotiate with the promise of government violence without the iron fist at the ready, no one give you a thing. Conversely, if you just rage without the velvet glove, you will only provoke merciless, overwhelming force.
It is the combination of the promise of violence, coupled with peace that wins the respect at the table.
I speak not on morality of this, but historical analysis, when is not so?
Even with both elements you can get wiped out, but without them, it will never happen.
So respectfully I say love this beautiful display of solidarity, but I always know the need for the promise of disruptive, violent resistance.

 We have a crisis for Americans. The man wants to round up 2 million of us under the color of deporting felons, he now has the power to do it.
 The threat of violence goes away when the threat is removed.
A micro example is the excellent job LA LEOs are doing. 8000 people, 8 arrests? Outstanding example. They did with a display force coupled with gracious diplomacy. The protesters and police had a handshake line at the end!

I salute all you protesters, but I stand firm, without the threat of violence, yo ass is Tibet.


Stop being soft, Trump supporters and Trump haters, stop being soft.

Soft, Americans have gotten soft. They thought all these hard fight for hard won rights, were now just going to be forever. They are the same people that are terrified about what America is becoming now. The same people saying I’m not racist. The same people crying over racist middle schoolers. The lot of you, you got soft. There are lulls but this is the so far eternal battle of nation. All the way back to three fifths, family.


Motherfucker, what America is becoming now is what America always was, the country so arrogant that it claimed the entire continent instead of referring to themselves as the United States. The country where my people came from, we have always laughed at that America is great deal. Anytime we say it, we get mad beef for it, but this is what we were talking about, fam. These are the White cultural warriors we were talking about. 


The unmitigating gall to only take offense or neglect, instead of addressing your folks despicable behavior is nothing new to us. 

What do you think White Tears means?


Guarantee some White person I ain’t talking about is going to take offense and come to the defense of themselves. It will become a conversation about them, and never about dealing with the actual offense. This tactic of gas lighting is not new to us fam. If you have anything bad to say about SJW, social justice warriors, and this might be you, whose the little snowflake now?

It’s not about you fam, it is about a particular strong trait in our shared culture that raises its head on a regular basis. This is a war is not over, it is the Civil War of our country. 
(Gee Wally, did you ever wonder why they called it civil? There is nothing civil about this.)

So miss me with that #notallwhitepeople. I already know that, I’m talking about those white people.
Let me put in native #notallwhitepeople. 
“Black people are violent.”
“No we ain’t.”

“What about Chicago?” 

“No we ain’t, and I’m offended you said so, racist.”
 Then they start in why it ain’t they fault systematic racism and poverty, but the fact that bodies are actually dropping at a active war zone rate leaves the room. It bullshit, ain’t it? The real answer is, that is awful and obscene. How do we fix it? 

(Be aware, many people are fighting against it, the problem is, they are losing.)

In fact, Chicago is in the weeds of gun violence and black on black crime, there are concentrated pockets in Chicago that earned the name Chiraq legit. Now I personally don’t blame that on being black, I blame it on Chicago. The city has gangster in its DNA, from the Italians to Polish, to the term Chicago politics, Chicago is always been gangster.
( Betcha right now, somebody is thinking #notallchicago)
You ain’t a Trump racist supporter? Great. Please help us deal with the ones who are and currently getting out of hand. For all of you already about that, I thank you for your support family. For those who think they just got called a racist?


We deal with racism with appropriate reaction. There was a day saying nigger was automatic hands. No questions, it was on. I hear that some protesters are now beating those in there ranks doing dirt. Good, I hereby declare y’all role models. 
Every kid that pops up racist gets a back to Jesus. Somebody assaults someone in front of you, beat that ass. Somebody leaves hateful graffiti? Paint it over. Stop saying this is a new fight, it ain’t. 

Congratulation to all the protesters playing the disruptive game, if violence alone had ever worked, I would be a window breaking fool, but now more than ever, non violence disruptive resistance has to be on the table. Plus whose gonna bail you young window breakers out if we all go destructo? 😂 To those who don’t feel violence is justified, it never is, except in self defense. This is a eternal reaction to the potential of state overreach and sanctioned violence. Pitchforks and torchs baby. I mean, you do realize that our nation was founded on “Hell no!” Right? You gonna see both as long as Trump promises are in the wind. This is just a taste of what is coming if we try to deport the Dream kids. Don’t even think you registering Muslims either. Gay rights? If your state takes it back, get ready for crickets in economic development. 

Do the right thing, fight the right fight, take blame where it is due, and stop trying to decide whose fault is, that’s only an important question in context of fixing it. Let’s fix it.

Don’t be soft.

A brand new day.

*Swamp People just got a four year renewal.
*The professional left agitators finally got someone likes to play as hard as they do.
*Nobody is laughing at Reality TV fans anymore.
*Mike Pence is now convinced he has a hotline to Republican Jesus.
*We had a white riot in Portland.
*2 million Registered Dream act folk are now living in terror.
*15 million not registered folk are saying Stupid! I told you so! Stupidio!
*Everybody on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to battle climate change just realized they better gear up.
*Dave Chapelle is coming back.
*Weed was legalized in three more states and nobody barely noticed.
*30 % percent of Latinos who voted for Trump have proven, give a couple generations, assimilation works. Just not quite like we thought it would back in the 60s.
*Obama has been reported to be chain smoking that good sticky Maui thunder in the Lincoln Bedroom. 
*Gun sales are down. 
*White survivalists seemed to have declared war on police.
*Racist Hicks are happy as hell, non racist hicks are hella pissed. 
*Thanksgiving is going to brutal.
*Great Cesar Chavezs ghost is piiissed.
*Trump business stock is breathing a sigh of relief.
*Obama is kicking himself for dogging Trump out in public at that coorspondence dinner back when.
*Republicans officially want better relations with Russia. Democrats want to go to war with Russia. Betcha Ronnie didn’t see that plot twist coming!
*Every country around the planet who deals with the USA is evacuating feces. So basically the whole world.

The War of 1812

You remember all the fuss about the confederate flag? Is this any less offensive? At least the confederate flag always admitted what it was about, ( Heritage not hate not working, nice try.) This Is The American Anthem! Based on a song exalting the side invading Native lands, attacking Canada and fighting against their very own escaped slaves, the OG Colonial Marines.

America, specifically Southern Slave states and the expansionist West, destroy the Natives posse decided to take France’s side in the great French English war. To announce this, we attacked Canada. This resulted in England burning the Capitol and basically kicking American ass for being cheeky.

“In the fall of 1811, Indiana’s territorial governor William Henry Harrison led U.S. troops to victory in the Battle of Tippecanoe. The defeat convinced many Indians in the Northwest Territory (including the celebrated Shawnee chief Tecumseh) that they needed British support to prevent American settlers from pushing them further out of their lands. Meanwhile, by late 1811 the so-called “War Hawks” in Congress were putting more and more pressure on Madison, and on June 18, 1812, the president signed a declaration of war against Britain. Though Congress ultimately voted for war, both House and Senate were bitterly divided on the issue. Most Western and Southern congressmen supported war, while Federalists (especially New Englanders who relied heavily on trade with Britain) accused war advocates of using the excuse of maritime rights to promote their expansionist agenda.

In order to strike at Great Britain, U.S. forces almost immediately attacked Canada, then a British colony. American officials were overly optimistic about the invasion’s success, especially given how underprepared U.S. troops were at the time. On the other side, they faced a well-managed defense coordinated by Sir Isaac Brock, the British soldier and administrator in charge in Upper Canada (modern Ontario). On August 16, 1812, the United States suffered a humiliating defeat after Brock and Tecumseh’s forces chased those led by Michigan William Hull across the Canadian border, scaring Hull into surrendering Detroit without any shots fired.” – http://www.history.com/topics/war-of-1812

The first colonial marines! Escaped slaves and freedman, hired and trained by the British, who played a key part in part in dropping bombs on US forces, that aforementioned burning of the capital I mean.
“The Corps of Colonial Marines were two Marine units raised from former slaves for service in the Americas by the British at the behest of Alexander Cochrane.[1] The units were created at two different times, and were later disbanded once the military threat had disappeared.
The first Corps was a small unit that served in the Caribbean from 1808 to 12 October 1810, recruited from former slaves to address the shortage of military manpower in the Caribbean. The locally-recruited men were less susceptible to tropical illnesses than were troops sent from Britain. The Corps followed the practice of the British Army’s West India Regiments in recruiting slaves as soldiers.[2]

The second, more substantial, Corps served from 18 May 1814 until 20 August 1816.[3] The greater part of the Corps was stationed on the Atlantic coast, with a smaller body occupying a fort on the Gulf coast in Florida.[4] Recruits were accepted from among escaped slaves who had already gained their freedom on coming into British hands and who were unwilling to join West India Regiments.[5] The establishment of the force sparked controversy at the time, the arming of former slaves representing a psychological threat to the slave-owning society of the Americas).[6] As a consequence, the two senior officers of the Corps in Florida (George Woodbine and Edward Nicolls) were demonised in Niles’ Register for their association with the Corps and inducing slave revolt.” – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corps_of_Colonial_Marines

Also allied against United States forces, natives, who were trying to protect their land from invasion.

“The War of 1812 was an important conflict with broad and lasting consequences, particularly for the native inhabitants of North America. During the pivotal years before the war, the United States wanted to expand its territories, a desire that fueled the invasion of native homelands throughout the interior of the continent. Tribal nations of the lower Great Lakes, including the Shawnee, Potawatomi, Ojibwa, and others saw their lands at risk. The same was true for the Muscogee Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee and Chickasaw in the south.

The Native leaders who emerged in response to this expansion shared a single concern, that of protecting tribal lands. There were Indians who sided with the Americans — Red Jacket and Farmer’s Brother led a Seneca faction to help the Americans at the Battles of Fort George and Chippewa. But most Indian nations sided with the British against the U.S, believing that a British victory might mean an end to expansion. In all, more than two dozen native nations participated in the war. In addition to the Lower Great Lakes Indians, led by Tecumseh, and Southern Indians, the Mohawks fought under Chief John Norton to hold onto their lands in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario.

The Shawnee war chief, Tecumseh, and his brother the Prophet, also known as Tenskatawa, played crucial roles in leading the Indians in the war. By 1811, Tecumseh had built a confederation of more than two dozen Indian nations, all of whom hoped to stop the American settler encroachment on their lands. One might ask why would they be concerned? The answer is clear. Tecumseh and his followers had observed eastern coast and upper Great Lakes Indians being removed from their lands by settler expansion, and they had seen a domino effect as one removed nation encroached on another’s land. The residential order of more than one hundred eastern Indian nations had been permanently disrupted. Furthermore, both the French and Indian War, called the Seven Year’s War in Canada (1756 to 1763) and the American Revolution (1775 to 1783) cost many native nations lives and land. The Indians in Tecumseh’s confederation had every reason to be concerned about the future.” http://www.pbs.org/wned/war-of-1812/essays/native-nations-perspective/

This is the war the national anthem was written for. True the offending verse isn’t sung, but this is the war. Not just the British but native allies and escaped slaves, fighting against those who enslaved them. This is the song young Colin ain’t feeling, and from young John Crawford, Tamir Rice, to the insane Grand Jury for big Mike, you can see where the saltiness is aimed. Some have mentioned his status and Whiteness as signs of hypocrisy, rejecting systematic police violence and black disparity in sentencing. To which I say, “say whut?”

It has nothing to do with all White people, nor portions of the justice system that don’t practice bad tactics, he is using his public figure status to speak on it. He is risking money and status, but the dam is breaking for us all. Cameras have brought us the worst excesses of policing and social media has turned the consumption of the knowledge to cracklike levels. 

I didn’t have fun learning this bit of history perspective, but the core facts here are not opinion. Americas getting better, but dang, time for a new song. What about America the beautiful until we get a better flag song wrote?

Election 2016

So it’s all on the table now, isn’t it? It’s the party of nationalism and protectionism made up primarily of caucasians, against everybody else. The Republicans in general can go on and on about how they’re not racist. To a man, I believe most the people saying that are actually telling the truth. Absolutely but the question of whether or not you have disinvited the races to the barbecue that you’re holding every Sunday by the cross, well not so img_2234sure about that. It’s a crude insulting jokes, that is absolutely true, but why would you put yourself in the position that that joke could have relevance?

The KKK in the white nationalist are still officially invited to the barbecue. You can joke about supporting a KKK Grand Klu Klux Klan running for the Senate! (And a lot of us don’t believe that Donald is joking.) It doesn’t really matter, I thank Donald for revealing what white privilege is really about. After 8 years of complaining about Obama being too arrogant, this is your candidate? With a straight face? Arrogance doesn’t hold a candle to Donald Trump’s shadow, yet when this certifiable Mad Man goes full throttle, he’s refreshing, he’s not politically correct, he is all about being “telling the truth!”

I don’t forget the Republicans who claimed not to be racist, yet still are Republicans. You know you guys f***** up, right you f***** up the party. The new moderate conservative party of course are the Democrats, your latest castways of led by Mitt Romney and that ilk are gathering there too. They are so mainstream if they have the Koch brothers on their side! Of course in Democratic moderate conservatism is a lot different and then Republican “moderate” conservatism, as in that wasn’t even a kissing cousin to moderate. What the Republicans have been practicing lately has been nothing short than scary as in a political topic of deep ass movies for the next 20 years.

But on to the vote your conscience crowd, also primarily white culture over 40. But under 40, more adhering to middle-class then strictly color. I respect those under 30 under 40,  because this is their first couple times around this crap Rodeo. They don’t know how corrupt it’s always been, they haven’t seen the waves of people trying to change it who got absorbed to the system or became part and parcel. And trust, it’s true, reading the history is not the same as living it.

For every communal hippie in love with the idea of sharing and being communal, there was an a****** Steve Jobs also protesting, also upset with the system. I watch the people protesting over the generations,  there’s a definite element of many of the protesters are just looking to replace those who they protest.

I’m not discounting the legitimate problems with the obvious Corruption of our government,  I’m not even saying don’t be mad, you exist for a purpose in the  greater group. It is your world that it’s coming , you have a right to be as pissed off as you want and not vote for anybody. I just point out that you have an obligation to put your money where your mouth is. Get Elizabeth Warren elected in 2020 work the system that you have to work.  Become a block, become a player, because again, it is your world coming up after qll.

But I do say,  be truthful about it this is a binary choice. Rejecting the lesser of two evils argument does not preclude you from the ability to claim moral groundm but here’s nothing inherently noble about how the world works right now, morality by abstinence from a position is an easy step to take. The obvious problem is though action is required for change. I’m not even going to pretend like most the people I know from California really have a lot to say about it on a national level anyway. But I am going to mention the fact that you must admit that you are in bed with Trump supporters. Trust me that’s not a place you want to be. Not a good long-term look.

Well I suppose we’ll see in about 3 months what’s what.

Cheeto Jesus is here

Donald is rolling on the Republican party like Genghis Khan swept in from the East. Not unsurprisingly, but to utter dismay of the Republican Party mainstays, Donald’s idea of presidential is just a little bit different than theirs. From the outside, it’s not surprising at all, come on we’re talking about Donald f****** Trump! You know he’s been batshit crazy for a while.
Consider the field that he comes from, is it any surprise that a real estate developer is off the hook? If it is, you don’t know real estate developers very well. If you just listen to him for 30 minutes, how could you not see this coming? Donald Trump shooting from the hip is not a fault, it’s a f****** feature. I mean how many times have we heard that same thing again and again, “He speaks his mind, that’s what I like about him.” well how do you like Cheeto Jesus now, m************?
Donald Trump has Republicans gnawing at their own limbs like wild animals caught in a bear trap. Donald is all about, “Either you’re with me or you’re against me on this political correctness thing. It’s put-up-or-shut-up time boys, so say what you really mean, put away the dog whistles, okay? Does that sound too difficult? don’t worry Donald will do it for you. It’s going to be so great you won’t believe it, trust me.”

A terrorist attack on American soil and he royally mishandled it, according to a lot of aggrieved Republicans and the polls.

I’m publishing this post in mid-june, but I guarantee you that it’s going to be relevant for quite a few months as we all play the game, what the f*** is Donnie  going to say next?