Open letter to Trupistas

Okay by the numbers, we weren’t at war in Syria. We’ve only lost three Americans in Syria because it wasn’t our war. We were there as advisor and now peacekeepers at this point and it was working.

Isis prisoners in camps, no acts of warfare. Nada.

So President Trump didn’t pursue peace by pulling out these troops, These troops weren’t at War.

After being Allied with the kurds for four generations, we have left them hanging ass out as we’ve done so many times to allies with changes of administration. Hard to America, hard to trust a long-term.

The president really does have a lot of power. To f*** s*** up. Period People are dying over this active war zone and hundreds of thousands fleeing for their lives.

What happens next? Do you think that the guerrilla warfare that goes on house-to-house that was featured in the Syrian Civil War, that it’s not going to happen again? And also do you think all those ISIS people that are come back out of the woodwork and out of the jails? Are going to not be who they are? Of course they’re going to go back to their old ways.

What’s the next thing that’s going to happen? Well, if you move in two million syrians and two Kurdish territory, I imagine that there’s going to be some beef.

Next Big Thing, they’ve given the Kurds for days to get out of town… and go where?

So all these arguments about Trump not doing it for personal gain, but doing it to keep the peace is ridiculous. Trump’s just sent 2,000 troops To Saudi Arabia. We have about 50 to 60,000 troops at any one time doing the policeman thing. Donald Trump straight threw our allies to the wolves. Without any warning.

Actively cheering on from the White House the ethnic cleansing of Kurds by Turkey.

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