Fatigue chronicle #1

It’s piling up on us now, it has been for a while. Assaults on every rule an custom promoting empathy and decency for recent immigrants.

That’s what this man is, earned with his wife’s patriotic sacrifice. Earned with a decade off decent behavior. Gold star family member deported after Trump Administration aggressive new policy, treats what was an infraction, a cite, but now is deportable. At risk of separating him from the same child whose mother lost her life in Afghanistan in service to this county. So a decade later he’s deportable? Maybe he was scared to go to court in the days of Trump, wonder why.

That about sizes up the pro deportation crowds argument, right? 😏 Not a good PR move for the pro round em crowd, not a good look at all. 😂

(I laugh because I’m just telling jokes at this point, ironic observational humor. The people saying pro deport his ass thing KNOW the facts, y’all anti minor infractions equal deportation crowd, right?)

Anybody for this at this point is just identifying their MAGA tribe, signifying and signaling allegiance, their blinded, wounded pride. So clearly, there is no low not already imagined and hoped for by this crowd, none at all.

Say the wall could work, it can’t, but for the sake of argument.

What is step two?

Deportation of current illegal aliens, as they say. Problem is, when you’re haunting court dockets and such, you get low hanging fruit that wasn’t even a problem, like this man. 11 million, how could there not be massive detention camps in phase 2, at some point? If this is the bar being set, expect two things, the resistance will grow greatly as this escalates.

It is actually not funny of course, not funny in the least bit. This assault on our standards of decency, this reveal of the original sin of manifest destiny… but only for some.

This disregard for humans civility and compassion in this case is just setting the stage. Every old cliche to make the other be a threat whispered, if not shouted. Gang members, welfare leaches, diseased, rapists, vermin… These are familiar and documented traditional war propaganda techniques. We already have had historic enforcement in this area, but didn’t favor Esteban Miller level aggressive enforcement, it didn’t fit his white nationalist, whole homie routine.

You have to listen what they say, they say there way of life is threatened, and Trump is the best tool for the job.

Combined with the religious right, the insidious soft racism based on fear, combined with the more blunt racism of hate and tradition, add a liberal dollop of willing to swallow the first two 2 reach goals, oh don’t forget the let it all burn Susan set!

So I really have been worn down by outrage, I can’t stay there. It has worn on my folk all my life and this resurgence is all too familiar. Some wag usually answers the racism claim at some time with, “what about unemployment”, Imagining themselves clever. To even think that is a appropriate answer, arguing with that with facts. Back to laughing, because there’s no point in believing they won’t defend what they accomplish such as this.

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