I left outrage back about a year-and-a-half ago, now it’s just basically, “man, what the f*** will he do next?”

Big shout out to Melania. Poor lady, she just signed up to be a gold digger trophy wife, she had an anchor kid, she got her parents over here, she was living on da Ritz, houses everywhere she wanted to be. Her husband was a fool sure, but she had hers and it wasn’t that bad for a former second-rate New York model and appearance girl.

Now her marriage is getting run all over the coals in the most public way possible. Watch, they gonna be talking about her and him in Africa too. In this interconnected world, there will be no escape. I picture in my mind, the Devil, as played by Ricardo Montebon overacting, laughing hysterically over her contract.

I don’t fault her for having a marriage of convenience coming Lord knows it’s not a wrong thing. No, I pity the hell out of her, This Night Gallery episode horrorshow just keep on metastasizing in the most embarrassing public way.

So on to this latest what the f*** moment brought to you by Donald Trump, titled:

—The truth is not the truth, and he really didn’t even commit a crime.—

It’s all so crazy watching Mueller slow-walk Trump through the paces. What’s even crazier, it’s already all been out on TV for us all to see. You can’t, “just joking” away saying, “Russia please if you’re watching, release Hillary’s emails!”

You can’t explain away the Tower meeting with Junior and Company with what we saw in almost real-time, including the email with Don saying, “you got dirt? oh yeah!”

And Paul Manafort, what what in the holy f*** happened there? From the day he was drafted to be campaign manager, I just couldn’t even see how that had happened. A political operative from most recently the Ukraine? Are you f****** kidding me? Either nobody vetted s***, or these vatos were ridin dirty as hell and didn’t care who knew it.

It seems obvious to me that Trump and Company never thought they were going to win and they didn’t do anything right. They didn’t get anybody who didn’t play fair, they didn’t keep good records, they stole, cheated and basically operated his business as usual.

And they’re going to continue to do it to tell somebody stops them, it’s the burnout sale, and they are are blowing up everything they can for-profit and revenge.

Right now, Trump people are actually defending Trump even though his boy got convicted on the same charge. That foolio was on TV today saying it wasn’t even illegal! I don’t know how it’s all going to play out, but this is must see reality TV since this fool got into office, may the Gods bless our souls.

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