Wish it had worked.

It was one of the few redeeming qualities that the Trump campaign had, in my measure.  Clinton was talking tough on Russia, sounding all the world like a Republican of the Reagan era. I didn’t want to return to the Cold War, and it seemed obvious that neither did the Trump campaign. They were in bed with the Russians, this much was obvious. I mean Trump, actually address the audience during a debate and said, please leak more Russians, if you’re listening. 

Then the defense was, hey if it gives us useful information who cares where the source came from? It was outrageous defense, but everything about Trump is outsized and outrageous, it’s his thing, right? Kept us out of a escalating war with Russia, I was all good at least with that part of the Trump train.

Well, the Russians bomb the shit out of our allies in Syria, they are being very aggressive in Ukraine and they currently have a spy vessel on the coast of Eastern America. Trump should be able to see the boat from the White House any day now, as it makes its leisurely cruise up the eastern seaboard.  So all that collusion with the Russians, now being easily approved, didn’t do jack shit except embolden Putin.

Clocks run out.

Your on the official record now, Son. 

Welcome to the big leagues, meat.

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