The iron fist and the velvet glove.

I always find it ironic, that in a country that honors its war for rebellion from authority, violent rebellion from a unjust government, wants to call the same unpatriotic. 😂
The iron fist doesn’t work unless it offered in tandem with the velvet glove. You need both when confronting government sanctioned violence. 
Imma gonna let threatening to repeal the Dream Act qualify for government sponsered violence. Trump sat on the set of 60 minutes and implied there were 2 million criminals that needed deportation. That clumsy bit where he said we review it after they’re all gone, “Who can come back?” 
Well, that’s what that meant, deport the Dream act kids after repeal of the excutive order. We explore the necessity for violence when we are cornered and our very way of life is threatened, violent response from the mob is a time honored tradition. 
Pitchforks and Torches baby.
But I digress, now back to our analogy!
 There is no need to listen Ben Franklin in England or France, if George Washington wasn’t kicking up dust.
There is no Martin with without Malcom.
No Ghandi without 50 million pissed off Indians not even inclined to simma down.
When you negotiate with the promise of government violence without the iron fist at the ready, no one give you a thing. Conversely, if you just rage without the velvet glove, you will only provoke merciless, overwhelming force.
It is the combination of the promise of violence, coupled with peace that wins the respect at the table.
I speak not on morality of this, but historical analysis, when is not so?
Even with both elements you can get wiped out, but without them, it will never happen.
So respectfully I say love this beautiful display of solidarity, but I always know the need for the promise of disruptive, violent resistance.

 We have a crisis for Americans. The man wants to round up 2 million of us under the color of deporting felons, he now has the power to do it.
 The threat of violence goes away when the threat is removed.
A micro example is the excellent job LA LEOs are doing. 8000 people, 8 arrests? Outstanding example. They did with a display force coupled with gracious diplomacy. The protesters and police had a handshake line at the end!

I salute all you protesters, but I stand firm, without the threat of violence, yo ass is Tibet.


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