Stop being soft, Trump supporters and Trump haters, stop being soft.

Soft, Americans have gotten soft. They thought all these hard fight for hard won rights, were now just going to be forever. They are the same people that are terrified about what America is becoming now. The same people saying I’m not racist. The same people crying over racist middle schoolers. The lot of you, you got soft. There are lulls but this is the so far eternal battle of nation. All the way back to three fifths, family.


Motherfucker, what America is becoming now is what America always was, the country so arrogant that it claimed the entire continent instead of referring to themselves as the United States. The country where my people came from, we have always laughed at that America is great deal. Anytime we say it, we get mad beef for it, but this is what we were talking about, fam. These are the White cultural warriors we were talking about. 


The unmitigating gall to only take offense or neglect, instead of addressing your folks despicable behavior is nothing new to us. 

What do you think White Tears means?


Guarantee some White person I ain’t talking about is going to take offense and come to the defense of themselves. It will become a conversation about them, and never about dealing with the actual offense. This tactic of gas lighting is not new to us fam. If you have anything bad to say about SJW, social justice warriors, and this might be you, whose the little snowflake now?

It’s not about you fam, it is about a particular strong trait in our shared culture that raises its head on a regular basis. This is a war is not over, it is the Civil War of our country. 
(Gee Wally, did you ever wonder why they called it civil? There is nothing civil about this.)

So miss me with that #notallwhitepeople. I already know that, I’m talking about those white people.
Let me put in native #notallwhitepeople. 
“Black people are violent.”
“No we ain’t.”

“What about Chicago?” 

“No we ain’t, and I’m offended you said so, racist.”
 Then they start in why it ain’t they fault systematic racism and poverty, but the fact that bodies are actually dropping at a active war zone rate leaves the room. It bullshit, ain’t it? The real answer is, that is awful and obscene. How do we fix it? 

(Be aware, many people are fighting against it, the problem is, they are losing.)

In fact, Chicago is in the weeds of gun violence and black on black crime, there are concentrated pockets in Chicago that earned the name Chiraq legit. Now I personally don’t blame that on being black, I blame it on Chicago. The city has gangster in its DNA, from the Italians to Polish, to the term Chicago politics, Chicago is always been gangster.
( Betcha right now, somebody is thinking #notallchicago)
You ain’t a Trump racist supporter? Great. Please help us deal with the ones who are and currently getting out of hand. For all of you already about that, I thank you for your support family. For those who think they just got called a racist?


We deal with racism with appropriate reaction. There was a day saying nigger was automatic hands. No questions, it was on. I hear that some protesters are now beating those in there ranks doing dirt. Good, I hereby declare y’all role models. 
Every kid that pops up racist gets a back to Jesus. Somebody assaults someone in front of you, beat that ass. Somebody leaves hateful graffiti? Paint it over. Stop saying this is a new fight, it ain’t. 

Congratulation to all the protesters playing the disruptive game, if violence alone had ever worked, I would be a window breaking fool, but now more than ever, non violence disruptive resistance has to be on the table. Plus whose gonna bail you young window breakers out if we all go destructo? 😂 To those who don’t feel violence is justified, it never is, except in self defense. This is a eternal reaction to the potential of state overreach and sanctioned violence. Pitchforks and torchs baby. I mean, you do realize that our nation was founded on “Hell no!” Right? You gonna see both as long as Trump promises are in the wind. This is just a taste of what is coming if we try to deport the Dream kids. Don’t even think you registering Muslims either. Gay rights? If your state takes it back, get ready for crickets in economic development. 

Do the right thing, fight the right fight, take blame where it is due, and stop trying to decide whose fault is, that’s only an important question in context of fixing it. Let’s fix it.

Don’t be soft.

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