A brand new day.

*Swamp People just got a four year renewal.
*The professional left agitators finally got someone likes to play as hard as they do.
*Nobody is laughing at Reality TV fans anymore.
*Mike Pence is now convinced he has a hotline to Republican Jesus.
*We had a white riot in Portland.
*2 million Registered Dream act folk are now living in terror.
*15 million not registered folk are saying Stupid! I told you so! Stupidio!
*Everybody on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to battle climate change just realized they better gear up.
*Dave Chapelle is coming back.
*Weed was legalized in three more states and nobody barely noticed.
*30 % percent of Latinos who voted for Trump have proven, give a couple generations, assimilation works. Just not quite like we thought it would back in the 60s.
*Obama has been reported to be chain smoking that good sticky Maui thunder in the Lincoln Bedroom. 
*Gun sales are down. 
*White survivalists seemed to have declared war on police.
*Racist Hicks are happy as hell, non racist hicks are hella pissed. 
*Thanksgiving is going to brutal.
*Great Cesar Chavezs ghost is piiissed.
*Trump business stock is breathing a sigh of relief.
*Obama is kicking himself for dogging Trump out in public at that coorspondence dinner back when.
*Republicans officially want better relations with Russia. Democrats want to go to war with Russia. Betcha Ronnie didn’t see that plot twist coming!
*Every country around the planet who deals with the USA is evacuating feces. So basically the whole world.

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