Election 2016

So it’s all on the table now, isn’t it? It’s the party of nationalism and protectionism made up primarily of caucasians, against everybody else. The Republicans in general can go on and on about how they’re not racist. To a man, I believe most the people saying that are actually telling the truth. Absolutely but the question of whether or not you have disinvited the races to the barbecue that you’re holding every Sunday by the cross, well not so img_2234sure about that. It’s a crude insulting jokes, that is absolutely true, but why would you put yourself in the position that that joke could have relevance?

The KKK in the white nationalist are still officially invited to the barbecue. You can joke about supporting a KKK Grand Klu Klux Klan running for the Senate! (And a lot of us don’t believe that Donald is joking.) It doesn’t really matter, I thank Donald for revealing what white privilege is really about. After 8 years of complaining about Obama being too arrogant, this is your candidate? With a straight face? Arrogance doesn’t hold a candle to Donald Trump’s shadow, yet when this certifiable Mad Man goes full throttle, he’s refreshing, he’s not politically correct, he is all about being “telling the truth!”

I don’t forget the Republicans who claimed not to be racist, yet still are Republicans. You know you guys f***** up, right you f***** up the party. The new moderate conservative party of course are the Democrats, your latest castways of led by Mitt Romney and that ilk are gathering there too. They are so mainstream if they have the Koch brothers on their side! Of course in Democratic moderate conservatism is a lot different and then Republican “moderate” conservatism, as in that wasn’t even a kissing cousin to moderate. What the Republicans have been practicing lately has been nothing short than scary as in a political topic of deep ass movies for the next 20 years.

But on to the vote your conscience crowd, also primarily white culture over 40. But under 40, more adhering to middle-class then strictly color. I respect those under 30 under 40,  because this is their first couple times around this crap Rodeo. They don’t know how corrupt it’s always been, they haven’t seen the waves of people trying to change it who got absorbed to the system or became part and parcel. And trust, it’s true, reading the history is not the same as living it.

For every communal hippie in love with the idea of sharing and being communal, there was an a****** Steve Jobs also protesting, also upset with the system. I watch the people protesting over the generations,  there’s a definite element of many of the protesters are just looking to replace those who they protest.

I’m not discounting the legitimate problems with the obvious Corruption of our government,  I’m not even saying don’t be mad, you exist for a purpose in the  greater group. It is your world that it’s coming , you have a right to be as pissed off as you want and not vote for anybody. I just point out that you have an obligation to put your money where your mouth is. Get Elizabeth Warren elected in 2020 work the system that you have to work.  Become a block, become a player, because again, it is your world coming up after qll.

But I do say,  be truthful about it this is a binary choice. Rejecting the lesser of two evils argument does not preclude you from the ability to claim moral groundm but here’s nothing inherently noble about how the world works right now, morality by abstinence from a position is an easy step to take. The obvious problem is though action is required for change. I’m not even going to pretend like most the people I know from California really have a lot to say about it on a national level anyway. But I am going to mention the fact that you must admit that you are in bed with Trump supporters. Trust me that’s not a place you want to be. Not a good long-term look.

Well I suppose we’ll see in about 3 months what’s what.

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