Google Fax Number – How to Get Yours!

[UPDATED: March 2016] “Some years ago, when we had to use fax machines to send and receive documents, we needed to have a dedicated fax line so we could communicate without problems with clients and providers. This line, of course, cost money so we had to take that into account on top of the cost of the fax machine.
Nowadays the World is very different. Thanks to the development of online fax technology we can use our Gmail address to send and receive fax in a matter of seconds. One of the biggest advantages of this is that we don’t need to pay more for a dedicated fax line; we can instead opt to use a Google fax number.
Getting Started
A Google fax number is simply a virtual fax number that redirects all incoming faxes to your Gmail address’ inbox, allowing you to fax from your computer without leaving the big G’s services.
To be able to fax from Google you need two things: a Gmail address (which I guess you already have!) and an email fax service. A service is needed to be able to send and receive faxes online, they have different features to make faxing faster and easier, but the one that is of interest for us in this article is the availability of free virtual fax numbers with each account.
When you sign up for an email fax service you are given the option of choosing between a toll-free or a local number, depending on what works best for your company. This virtual fax number will “grab” incoming faxes and send them for immediate digital conversion. This is a very easy process that takes place in the background.
To this day, the only way to get a virtual number is through a fax service provider. You can find different sites to fax online for free, but they only let you send one or two pages of fax per day or IP, and don’t give you any type of number to receive faxes – this means that you still need a fax machine and a dedicated line! That’s not what we want. Services on the other hand charge you a monthly fee for faxing, it can go as low as $5 per month, which is really affordable by any type of business, and your number comes included free of charge. But what if you want a completely free solution? Is there any way to get a number without spending money?
You can get your Gmail fax number at no extra cost if you sign up for a free trial account with a fax service. Most major services offer you the chance of opening a fully-featured test account that is active for 30 days. These accounts work exactly the same as “paid” accounts, which means that you will have the option of choosing your own virtual number at the moment of signing up. This alternative is not only great to get a number, but also to test out which service ends up bieng more helpful for you or your business.
How a Google Fax Number Works
When someone wants to send you a fax from a computer or machine they will use your virtual number, which is just as any common fax number out there. This number will get the TIFF image provided by the fax machine and will send it to powerful fax servers which are able to convert the image into a digital file (usually a PDF) and forward it to your Gmail inbox. This is a fully automated process, you don’t have to intervene at no point, the only thing you do is check your inbox for new fax messages as if they were new emails.
Most major fax companies on the Web offer numbers covering major cities across the USA, but you can also find good services such as MyFax and RingCentral, which offer numbers in Canada or UK; and if that doesn’t cover your area you can try eFax which offers number in more than 40 countries around the Globe. The trick is to research a bit and see what’s better for your specific case.
Which type of number to choose is entirely up to you, some companies prefer to have toll-free numbers to deal with customers, but the choice varies from case to case and it’s something you’ll want to evaluate. In any case a Google fax number is a powerful tool that will add speed to your communications and will help you save money and time.” From the article, additional resources within, so for those of you still tied to the fax, rejoice.

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