Cheeto Jesus is here

Donald is rolling on the Republican party like Genghis Khan swept in from the East. Not unsurprisingly, but to utter dismay of the Republican Party mainstays, Donald’s idea of presidential is just a little bit different than theirs. From the outside, it’s not surprising at all, come on we’re talking about Donald f****** Trump! You know he’s been batshit crazy for a while.
Consider the field that he comes from, is it any surprise that a real estate developer is off the hook? If it is, you don’t know real estate developers very well. If you just listen to him for 30 minutes, how could you not see this coming? Donald Trump shooting from the hip is not a fault, it’s a f****** feature. I mean how many times have we heard that same thing again and again, “He speaks his mind, that’s what I like about him.” well how do you like Cheeto Jesus now, m************?
Donald Trump has Republicans gnawing at their own limbs like wild animals caught in a bear trap. Donald is all about, “Either you’re with me or you’re against me on this political correctness thing. It’s put-up-or-shut-up time boys, so say what you really mean, put away the dog whistles, okay? Does that sound too difficult? don’t worry Donald will do it for you. It’s going to be so great you won’t believe it, trust me.”

A terrorist attack on American soil and he royally mishandled it, according to a lot of aggrieved Republicans and the polls.

I’m publishing this post in mid-june, but I guarantee you that it’s going to be relevant for quite a few months as we all play the game, what the f*** is Donnie  going to say next?

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