Dog fighting 2016

I am more comfortable with the evil status quo, rather than new and improved Huuuge status quo Change Donald promises.
“White privilege” is such a loaded term these days, the anti SJW troops get battle hard when they hear even a rumor that it’s been said. Soooo, let me explain this in terms of Black privilege.
We are born and raised this way in America, and only those not paying attention miss this. We know the government is not looking out for us. We know we have to make it comply, let alone, the government has historically had a big foot on our neck. We recognize that little size three competing for the figurehead title right now.
Ok, politicians are bad. Got it. Fucking lived it….

Check it, I agree we should that we should get a better system. But the current situation is we have two dogs, one who PROMISES that after he wins he going to bit every body in the room.
Y’all do competitive pasts all you want, I’m concerned the immediate future, not the future that can be. I’m down with Bernie if he pulls it, going blue no matter what.
We all are aware that in the dog fighting analogy, Bernie is been in the stables for a while too, right?🤔
I do improve society for profit projects all the time, interacted with government my whole life. Really? You don’t actually see choice here? Being offered a “choice” between the three is an obvious force your pick, and evidently, Hillary makes it your personal last straw, I get that.
You got your pat I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils act. Got that too. But no matter your stance, one of these dogs is going to win, unless you mange to get the revolution going in the next three months.😂
Please, don’t take this personally directed, really don’t. This general objection and answer is being repeatedly discussed and chopped up in many variations.
Every time I here the principled stance to avoid Hillary, these thoughts come to mind.

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