Its been amusing to me as the election primaries have went on, just how many pundits have missed the fact that the Democratic party is united like a Sledge family reunion. It’s like they don’t even remember that Hillary was appointed Secretary of State immediately after losing to Obama. And back then in 08 they didn’t even have an opponent as nasty as Trump is today. I say again, the Democrats are publicly simpatico in their goal of crushin Donald Trump, don’t let the preseason primaries fool you, this is how they roll.

I mean, Donald Trump makes Mitt Romney look like he has a well-developed sense of empathy. The head honcho of being capitals of which Wall Street was basically based on looks like a sweetheart in comparison, wow, that devolved quickly. How how could anybody actually believe that the  personification of Biff Tannen could actually win? I mean, some of the crazy people in Donald’s party aren’t supporting him, & the sane ones are running in the opposite direction. Still other Republicans are hiding in their closets,  praying to the great God in the sky that the bad man will go away. Trump is not only going away to nowhere, that bad boy is front-page Republican future Non-Stop on all available media platforms.

Even when he tries to behave, alive it ever so briefly, he winks to his audience like Austin Powers saying, “they’re telling me to behave baby, but you know what I really want to say!”

He’s got Lindsey Graham, veteran arch Republican senator for South Carolina saying, “oh hell no, that’s racist Donald!”

Pretty soon Donald is going to say something that’s going to have David Duke going to the press saying no, “we don’t agree with that, that’s too extreme for even us.”

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there is a great silent majority of white people coming to the aid of old white culture, ready to take America back to the good old days. After all. There  was a time in America that the majority of people would vote for a man like Trump, Despite his aggressive KKK leanings, remember Woodrow Wilson? 

So I say to the tribe of people who are disgusted with Hillary and her big business big politics corrupt ways. The old truism that you will not would be guilted into voting for the lesser of two evils does not negate the simple fact, that the lack of a political position is a political position in itself.

I’m on the other side of the generation gap on this, no amount of preaching is going to do anything to bring you over to my side, young ones, I understand that. Nor would I even want to dismiss your rage as unimportant, we need people pushing from outside the system and people working within to effect change. That has always been the way of it, historically speaking. It’s usually true that both sides don’t appreciate each other during the moment, but it’s also true that both sides realize later how important they all were.

The surrogate democratic Army is rolling for you Donald, they are rolling deep, have fun in the regular season, it’s not going to be like that preseason b******* that you just enjoyed.

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