Decision time, son!

It’s easy enough to climb up the cliff with your boys and girls and talk s*** about diving into the water. But it’s getting down to put up or shut up time now! Are you seriously telling me you are going to vote for Donald Trump? are you all in for Donald Trump?Abba da Abba Abba, don’t tell me about f***** up Hillary, tell me about voting for Donald Trump. Tell me about the deportation plans for the dreamers, tell me how the environment crisis isn’t real, tell me how kids across the country using Trump’s name as a racial slur isn’t a thing. Tell me about the open support from the white nationalist like the KKK and the Stormfront.

I know you’re out there, simmering in righteous indignation; nobody can seem to understand why you like Trump. What you don’t understand is that I understand your reasons, but I soundly reject them. I hear the Trump speeds for a disaffected group, a group that has lost a lot of power over the last 20 years like the rest of us. The group however the judges Itself by where others are as opposed to where they are. Just because black people and Mexicans and Muslims and all those brown people are doing better doesn’t mean that we are responsible for you doing worse. Affirmative action has been gone for a long time. Twofastest rising groups in higher education are black women and African Folk. Hillary not fooling all those sisters ya know, they are making an educated guess, pardon the pun.
Make no mistake, Hillary as a full blown moderate conservative with criminal Syrian and Lybian blood on her SOS hands, that’s real. Here’s the thing though, politics at that level is, and has always been a bloodsport at the level. Reforming the American system has been a generational process after all, we only got rid of slavery 151 years ago. Turning off the imperial manifest destinty thing is going to take a while. I take great hope in that with the fringe has been saying about the imperialist tendencies of America for decades, is now finally become mainstream vis-Ă -vis Bernie and Donald. 

You see, we already have seen Donald before on the national stage, his spiritual progenitor, Woodrow Wilson. Except Donald is contemplating doing to minorities with Woodrow could only dream. If you’re not up on Woodrow Wilson, Google Jim Crow official and Woodrow Wilson. Get back to me if you still have any questions. I can’t have that man starting this madness at home, even if he is tune with defeating our extensive imperialism nature. Trust, nobody can, all joking aside.

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