Revenge of the Cheeto

       “I’ll be so tough on the Chinese you won’t believe it!”

Donald Trump is playing the presidential election like his own personal game of Survivor, making and breaking alliances with no regard to loyalty as he seeks to the obtain the Grand Prize.

Now mind you, I believe a politician should be able to change his mind, to modify his position. She or he should be able to take in all facts, and proceed, due deliberation, the best available decision. It seems contradictory to common sense to want a politician that never changes his mind. In fact, what politicians do to earn their legacy can be very astonishing in terms of change in position. I defy anybody that knew 1961 Lyndon B Johnson  to see the Great Society Lyndon B Johnson actually becoming what it was.

Warmongering Richard Nixon ended up opening China after fighting a proxy war, and the case of Vietnam, not so proxy war with the same. Again, Richard Nixon opening up the EPA nobody saw that coming either. Some people stay the same, from beginning to end Justice Scalia was who he was. Not seen a big evolutionary Arc in Clarence Thomas either, but nothing is as strenuous as being the president not even being a Supreme Court Justice.

Hell, Trump is not wrong that starting from a position of strength is the best way to negotiate. None of these things are wrong, but I prefer that the starting position of my potential president and chief, to be just a tad bit less distant than the top of the dark hills of Mordor. The theory that man has when challenged, the complexion colors he changes under that orange makeup, his followers know all about that hammer that’s what they are there for the angry man is going to get things done. What a huge smoke screen, I am taking book on it, The Donald is the Trojan Horse, just like George Wallace destroyed the Democratic party in 68, Biff Tannen’s inspiration is doing the Republican party dirty in 2016.

Trump has just begun to share his positions contradictions with his RECENT actions. Drink it in, there will be plenty more. Part of Trumps appeal is that he’s his own man, he says what he wants when he wants, he believes political correctness is a dirty word. He also believes that he is the right to change his mind when he wants to change his mind. What he said yesterday has nothing to do with what’s in front of him today.  So basically, anything can and will happen in the saga that is the Trump campaign.

The general come back is usually na na na na na New York is dirtier. All those dirty politicians changed their positions all the time, nature of the game, whores I say, whores everyone. But my man Donald is pursuing two or three positions that are oppositional, at the same damn time! This isn’t what vile thing Donald was doing in 1995, this is s*** going on right now! His business dealings with Chinese nationals are in complete contradiction with his campaign rhetoric. Particulate galling is him taking advantage of the perfectly legal, yet odious pay for play immigration clause, considering all his florid rhetoric, Trump University is only be the tip of the spear.

We talking about Donald Trump. Donald motherf*kin’ Trump! I’m always shocked that this is a serious conversation.

Trump is splitting the party fatally like the cancerous, mottled orange, Randall Flagg that he is. (I’m serious, it would be a different take, but Trump would slay in the role of Randall Flagg.)
He’s sort of like the monster in Aliens, feeding and eating his host from the inside until finally he explodes from the Republican party’s chest at the convention. Never have I seen the like, not this vicious in their own primary, not like this.

Enough about Trump though, let’s talk about his people, his supporters, how did this even happen? From the outside it seems inconceivable that white nationalist groups got that big since American History X, but seriously although a majority of Trump supporters are Caucasian,, it would be a mistake to think that they are all racist. What in hell has his supporters so riled up that they can look past this WWE Hall of Fame superstar from 2006. This spray tan advocate all time All Star, this actual huckster on late night TV and network reality show programs. None of these things are bad, but none of these things say, I can be president.

It’s insulting and short sighted to think that most of his supporters don’t see that. Despite his shortcomings his message is resonating to the effect after Super Tuesday he’s the leading Republican candidate for the nomination. The vicious, Hunger Games in fighting that we’ve seen in this primary have been great gladiator sport, but the level of acid venom being spewed, seemingly makes any reunification after the primaries impossible.

Donald and Chinese visa in New York development

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