This young lady has been popping up on media lately, she’s 10 years old and comes from a politically connected family in Palensteine. The first article and sources claims that she is just a tool of her radical family. I’m not so sure that a digital native who has suffered through exactly what she says she has suffered through… well she might be able to do exactly what she’s doing.

I think that 10 year olds are often underestimated, but in these times of mass media consumption, where news counts as entertainment and access is everywhere… It sure does seem possible this kid is just the first of many to become famous doing what she do.

I actually posted the opposition link in order to answer it, truth be told. The tools of production have never been so democratic, this little kid out here with her pink iPhone getting it done , personally I think you gotta love it. Some might say that it’s unfair to let a child that young get involved in something this serious, from my understanding though, where she is in Palestine it’s that serious all the time anyway.

It’s very unfortunate and sad that she has to face such challenges so young, but she’s very inspiring for the future, the grace and the ability that she shows while doing it.


Vice  – Janna Jihad, the youngest journalist in Palestine

Legalinsurrection.comPalestinian child exploitation of 10 year old journalist, Janna Jihad

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