A classic

It was supposed to be easy they said, some commentators said maybe Oklahoma won’t even win a game. Clearly Oklahoma City didn’t know anything about that, it’s three two the hard way, OKC up. It’s funny when the old guys say the young guys couldn’t play a rough game, couldn’t handle the physicality of their era, like the brutal playoffs we are seeing doesn’t happen every year. 
This year is particularly brutal, I can see where you might’ve said it was called unfair in Oklahoma, I don’t think it really was, but I can see where you can say that. Not this game, they’re basically weren’t any calls. Players were getting hammered on every play, I couldn’t tell when they actually called a foul, why or how they thought THAT contact was the contact to call. There wasn’t a hint of the regular season ticky tack fouls, and hand checking seems to be a point of pride, bodies are hitting the floor like a season finale of Person of Interest.

Teams try to correct their flaws in the playoffs, whatever wasn’t right last year is what you trying to make sure is right this year, that’s what you have to do, there can be only one. The Warriors were a little soft in the middle, the Thunders knock was undisciplined hero ball reliance, both these identities have been transformed by the crucible of the playoffs.
A funny thing happened on the way to the finals, Oklahoma City was reborn again in the sacred waters of teamwork and affect of defense. If the warriors were counting Russell Westbrook’s to make four or five boneheaded plays a game as usual, they received a rude surprise. Russell Westbrook is looking for a new nickname Mr. triple double. Steven Adams is become a legitimate beast, and it’s becoming apparent to everybody that yeah we actually would like Kevin Durant on the Warriors. In fact, up-and-down the roster on the Thunder, stars are being born. 
“Much has been made of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s five-man lineup of Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson, Dion Waiters, Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka against the Golden State Warriors, and for good reason. That unit is plus-49 in 30 minutes this series, and no other Thunder five-man lineup is better than plus-5” simply put, there are small Line up been better than our small line up.’
That’s the greatness of the playoffs, this is where legends are born. Their “smalls” did dominate the Warriors vaunted small lineup, terribly so, but game 5, the Warriors adjusted, the Warriors adapted. Now game 6, how will the Thunder adapt? Will Adams continue to ascend? Is Curry injured? Does anybody still think trading for Durant is a bad idea? Stay tuned, Saturday as the next chapter unfolds.


Sbnation.com – Warriors versus OKC Western Finals, game five

ESPN.com – Game 5 results.

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