Trump hotel reservations take a beating!

Good thing for Trump the votes arnt restricted to Hipmunk users! I wonder if he’s doing ok on the CBS of travel sites, Expedia? 
“The share of bookings at Trump Hotels on Hipmunk as a percent of total hotel bookings are down, decreasing 59 percent compared to the same period last year.”

It would be very interesting to get his actual booking stats for the last year. And to see where the booking has changed, well one thing is for sure if you know what it is you don’t likely like Trump. He better start advertising people and CMT, 😂

Seriously though, as a minority, I’d concerned that some emboldened employees might make my stay less than pleasant, I mean, what recourse would I have? Complain to the boss? And no, I have no intention at eating at Cracker Barrel or the last Sambos in Santa Barbara either.


Tailwind – According to Hipmunk, Trump bookings are down

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