Trump U

Oh Donald Trump, it’s not that his supporters don’t know all these bad things about him, they simply say that it’s better than what we have now. So if you already support this man, this isn’t directed at you, no amount of reporting on the sleazy things he’s done in the recent past, no rumination on his morals, or the actual absurdity of the absurd policy is that he preaches, none of that is going to change your mind. Trump is your man, I got that. 

No, this is for you, the undecided, this is for you that is still deciding. I’ve provided several links to source facts.

National Review: Yes, Trump Univerity was a massive scam.

Politfact: Fact-checking Donald Trump’s claims about Trump University.

The Atlantic: The Art of the Upsell: How Donald Trump Profits From ‘Free’ Seminars.

CBS News: Documents reveal what Trump actually said about his university.

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