Marijuana farmer’s market in North Portland, Oregon!

By Krishna Jon Dukes
July 5th, 2015.


“As of July 1, new Oregon laws went into effect making it legal for adults ages 21 and up to possess and use recreational marijuana.”

But dig this, to paraphrase the classic, Pulp Fiction,

“It’s legal to grow marijuana in Oregon, it’s legal to smoke it, it’s legal to have it!”

“You mean the cops can’t search you?”

“Nah, that’s one right the cops in Oregon don’t have!”

“Ridiculous, but get this, you can’t buy weed and you can’t sell it.”

“So what do they do?”

“Well, basically they giving that s*** away!”

“Word? Oh that’s it, Man! Oregon, we going!”

“Applications for large-scale growers and retailers aren’t being accepted until early 2016, and no Oregon stores are expected to have marijuana for sale until the fall of 2016. For the time being, then, while recreational marijuana use is legal, people aren’t allowed to buy or sell it.”

So those savvy, young entrepreneurs in Portland came up with a brilliant workaround, namely,

“…July 3rd, an event called Weed the People was held at the MCF Craft Brewing facility in North Portland. Admission to the event wasn’t free—advance tickets costed $40—but once visitors were inside, marijuana was indeed free to use on the premises or bring home for later enjoyment. Each attendee was welcomed to take as much as 7 grams, cultivated by a range of Oregon growers that have been producing the state’s supply of medicinal marijuana.”

Let me translate that for you, got a quarter ounce for a $40 “admission!”
Not just any flower, top shelf selection, made up of a sampling of Oregon marijuana growers finest!

July 3rd, they had a fixed price, marijuana farmers market!

Portland does stay ahead of the trends!

Source Time. Source Photo.

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