Lame Duck? Not this POTUS!


President Obama seems to have a whole different take on that lame duck theory, wouldn’t you say?

(Yes, Obummer haters, we know about Trade agreement, the kill on sight list and those unfortunate mom jeans.)

Fact is though, this is a moderate conservative, whose administration is unabashedly pro-traditional, “Rockafeller”, Republican platform based. The moderate Republicans of the mid-twentieth century, those historical advocates of sustainable usage of human resources.

The new jack Republicans of today’s era, are the same old supporters of the same racist, fracking sounds like a good idea, God’s got my back on discrimination, that their demographic has always been, regardless of party they affiliate with.

“F*** sustainable tedources management, profit is our real God and we will destroy human resources in the name of profit.”

It doesn’t matter which party they claim over the decades, the goals are always the same.

So stand by, Obama’s administration is going to continue to bring you social justice, big business satisfaction domestic health security, and real world security, like it or not, batsh** religious, White Christians are not the majority anymore.

He’s making a list,

and he’s checking it twice,

but we been knowing who’s naughty or nice,

Watch out state right bigots,

Obama is still in da town!

Sources and Links:
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