This is getting embarrassing. KKK holds rally for the confederate flag.

“This is just getting so embarrassing, my Ninja, so very embarrassing.”


So hypocritical of the states rights, Confederate flag supporting folk. I can already hear it,

“They don’t represent us.”

Of course, it’s going to be hard to tell who “us” is, with those identity blocking hoods and all!

I’m just saying, if the same number of hooded protesters show up, about 300, that showed up as at that last rally of battle flag, you can’t really trust the Confederate flag supporters is innocent folk, can you? Speaking in terms of on the continuum of racism wheel, so to speak. If you want to be judged different than the hooded ones, this is your big chance.

Fight the power you brave, Americans of Caucasian descent, Confederate flag waving supporters! Don’t let the Klan co-op your flag! It would be comforting to see those same 300 folks that were at the rally claiming it was about ‘Southern Pride Only claim.

“If they really wanted to legitimize their claim, you would see them there, counter protesting the Klan protesters, I think.”

Fair warning for ‘The Confederate flag isn’t racist thing’ supporters, it is going to seem a little suspicious if you can’t get at least equal numbers to protest the Klan, when they gather to support your shared flag.


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