Level of stupidity: 47 – Charleston area policeman fired for wearing confederate shorts.


And let’s not forget level of arrogance. To have that online right now, when you work for Charleston area PD? That a brassy pair, right there!

Having a brass set of balls is a good thing for police work, but one must be careful, if they get too big they can drag you down. Enlarge portion of the population you serve has declared in no uncertain terms that they consider that that flag racist. Add the murders at the church, and this was his response?

This brings the Dylan Roof Burger King treatment, the helicopter ride, and the softest felony car stop ever seen, into a unfortunate focus, don’t it?

Setting a bail on the weapons charges only? What in the holy hell is that all about? He admitted to murdering nine people, why would the word bail ever come up? He’s not getting bail for the nine murders, so why the strange and unusual gesture?

This is the same judge calling for sympathy for the Roof family before the blood even dried! Because, they are victims too. Not arguing that, just pointing out that brass ball timing and unawareness again.

Given, he was taken into custody very quickly and is indeed in custody now, being held without bail for the nine murders, obviously there are some in the legal system that are doing the right thing.

But I think it would be fair to say, underneath the uniforms drama there are a lot of different factions in the Charleston legal system. Unfortunately for this officer, there are less of them with him then he thought there were.

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