Fun Facts about ‘Ol Dixie #4 “Dude, where’s my Confederate flag?”


I don’t care if private businesses sell ISIS flags, Confederate flags, Nazi Flags or, how does it go, yellow purple or green flags. America has been awash with private industry racism, especially those historical classics, Gone With The Wind, Birth of a Nation and Songs of the South come to mind.

If enough people are voting for those items with their dollars, so be it. I’ve lived with overt racism all my life, I was born in 1960. Honestly from my view, there is never been less racism in America.

If enough people are voting for those items with their dollars, so be it. I’ve lived with overt racism all my life, I was born in 1960. Honestly from my view, there is never been less racism in America.

I am glad our government is withdrawing support for these repellent views anymore. Even in South Carolina, where slave times are celebrated with historical tours of mansions and reenactments, those huge mixed race crowds marching are showing that they have had enough. Brace yourselves, you racist Americans of Caucasian descent! Y’all are becoming the minority of Americans, including Americans of Caucasian descent, most importantly

For some people who never considered racism,  being bombarded with videos from across the country on social media? It makes violent racism and oppression seem like it’s everywhere.

It just isn’t though, not compared to the recent past. There are more conscious, avowedly non racist Americans of Caucasian descent than ever.

Please believe there is no historical confusion about when the “Confederate” flag rose again. As the battle for segregation to end began, the “confederate” flag became a symbol of those who wanted segregation never to end. By the early sixties, it was on, and several southern states adopted the flag as their own state flag.

Evidently, a whole lot of people don’t realize what segregation was. Legal housing and job discrimination, government loan discrimination, education discrimination, riding on the bus, staying at a hotel, being a white part of town while black, basically breathing while black.

There are a lot of terrible things going on today, but segregation also gave a license to beat down brothers, that would give any racist police officer of today a permanent woody.

You think the justice system of the day shows bias? Study your history, it’s a lot better too.

As terrible as some policias are today, multiply that s*** by a thousand.

It sure doesn’t appear that way, but that is because police are not news though, unless they are bad, bonus points for racist! So instead of showing the increase of good officers who are not committing racist crimes, we see those who are not.

The McKinney pool incident comes to mind immediately. The two cops who are doing a good job on that video, actually got Eric,  king of the unnecessary combat roll, gun back into his holster before that s*** became tragic. That’s not a story, but exposing racism pulls in the ratings these days.

But no matter if your racism is Bud Light level like supporting the Confederate flag, (with that patronizing rationale that sorry black people but it doesn’t mean what you think it means, so your concerns are dismissed), or its full blown 151 racism, where doing grievous harm to black people is your thing, the time when our government supports these symbol of our racist past is at an end. Media bias, can no longer keep projecting that things are worse than ever, and have the majority believe it. Your supporters in the police and government are fading away, racists.

But by all means, fly your symbol of oppression from the sixties, say its you that decides it doesn’t mean what it means anymore, it’s a free country.

Personally, I rather appreciate the early warning of people that IDFW, ( I don’t f*** with you) but if you’re in business, don’t be surprised if its not just black people who aren’t messing with you anymore either. It’s a free country.

Even more then the government, paid media advertising reflects the will and desire of the people. Walmart shoppers who are down with the “confederate” flag are enough of a minority, that Walmart feels their support is more expendable than the support of those who are not.

I’m proud of America finally addressing this issue, next statues and the street names. I’m looking directly at you, Stone Mountain, I’m looking directly at you.

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