Self Driving Cars

“So what exactly IS going to happen to the Highway Patrol Dude?”


Have you been in a new car lately? A car fully loaded with all safety features? ABS braking systems, self parking feature, anticollision side notification, rearview cameras with guidelines, cruise control, anti-collision technology… Added GPS, and Fastrack, self driving cars are a lot closer than one might think.

But like all technology, it won’t all come at one time. And of course, in the beginning it will be more expensive to have one of those fancy, self driving cars. The acceptance factor is going to be very much age generated as well, not unlike ATMs at Banks. But in fits and spurts, with Moore’s Law redoubled, it will come.

I think the first early adoption of self driving cars is going to be long-haul, straight-line highways. Just like the carpool lanes are set up now, you will be able to get in and get out at regular intervals into the self driving lane. In fact look for the carpool lanes to be likely candidates as well, after all they are already set up for it.

Clearly, the first vehicles will be hybrids capable of self driving, as well as be capable of being operated by a human. But the fact is, in places where your car has already taken over, it’s already smarter than you and has a better driving record than the aggregate human population.

Self driving cars won’t get drunk, self driving cars won’t have road rage, collision systems don’t get sleepy, parking systems never have depth perception issues, ever. Self driving cars will know how to merge, so driving cars will not try to get on the freeway ten at a time, in a train like their high school seniors girls going across a crowded dance floor.

Self driving cars will not tailgate.

Self driving cars will always park correctly.

Self driving cars will never need High beams, ever.

Self driving cars are going to hit a lot less deer.

A lot more high school seniors are going to live the graduation because of self driving cars.

No more police chases in self driving cars.

No more losing losing your drivers license in self driving cars.

No more hitting bicyclist in self driving cars.

Blind people will be free in self driving cars.

No more losing your license due to age.

Night blindness? What Night blindness?

Truck drivers are going the way of the milkman.

Self driving cars don’t run red lights.

Sell driving solar powered electric RVs are the private railwaycars of the 21st-century.

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