“It’s just a symbol of Southern pride! It’s not racist!”

“OK, what about these fellas?”


“No, its not like that! it’s more like this.”


“So, you are telling me get this proud American of Caucasian descent, displaying his Confederate flag on his shack, has nothing to do with those guys in the white sheets?

“… Well I know I’m not racist when I fly it. You’ve got to let go of the past.”

“You mean like letting go of a war, and the symbols of it, that you lost a hundred fifty years ago?”

“I’m proud of my ancestors, they fought for states rights! Just like the fathers of the Constitution.”

“Ok, it’s a heritage thing. So how do you explain these guys again, is this the Heritage you were speaking of?”


“It’s a free country, God dammit!”

“What do you mean its a free country? have you looked at the criminal code lately? There is a shitload of things that are not free. Oh, and about these guys…”


Kansan does the Tebow!



“… You know Buddy, I think you’re one of these reverse racists, just a racist race hustler trying to stir up the pot! I’m done talking to you!”

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