“The Devils greatest trick is to a you think that he doesn’t even exist.”

The Usual Suspects, great movie and a great line! I’m convinced that somebody smart in the white power (my bad, pride) movement saw that movie, and decided to bring it home to the movement.

The Confederate flag did not fly over South Carolina since the end of the Civil War, it wasn’t raised until 1962. As a symbol of white resistance to integration that was being federally mandated at the time. It was adopted as a symbol that state right to resist intergration by any means necessary.

“Well, that’s not what it means to me. It just means southern pride to me.”

You do know there was a concerted effort in the White Power movement to change the word power to pride, right?

“But I have black friends! And they don’t mind.”

Black people are wonderous, but they are not the magical talisman that you believe. A black friend can not actually negate a symbol of hatred.

“You just don’t get it.”

Oh, I get it just fine. You want to f*** with the symbols of racism, but you don’t want any of the responsibilities of it. You are denying its recent history and meaning. At least that’s what they say, a vast majority of the Americans of Caucasian descent I’ve seen flying the flag are not what you would call Americans of African decsent friendly.

“Has either flown or been displayed or embedded in state flags in Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama and in decades past in other Southern states. Thousands of motor vehicle owners have requested personalized license plates with the Sons of Confederate Veterans logo which embeds the Confederate flag in it for their cars and trucks in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.”
The Grio

Let’s say in some alternative universe world, the Moors were never driven out of Europe. They “discover” America, and bring their white Europeans slaves with them. The Moors, split north and south, just like the Europeans did.

Not going to do the entire alternative universe book thing right now, suffice to say, that flag that those southern Moors rallied behind, would never, ever, EVER, ever be reinterpreted. Especially after being brought back to symbolize the ferocious fight against intergration, no American Whites would ever accept it, unless of course, the parallels continued to current day, and the descendants of the Moors, forced the descendants of Europeans to accept it.

George “No N***** will cross these doors” Wallace. Here’s a little excerpt from his inauguration speech in 19 and 63,
“I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.”

“In 1948, the battle flag began to take on a different meaning when it appeared at the Dixiecrat convention in Birmingham as a symbol of southern protest and resistance to the federal government – displaying the flag then acquired a more political significance after this convention. Georgia of course, changed its flag in 1956, two years after Brown v. Board of Education was decided. In 1961, George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, raised the Confederate battle flag over the capitol dome in Montgomery to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Civil War. The next year, South Carolina raised the battle flag over its capitol. In 1963, as part of his continued opposition to integration, Governor Wallace again raised the flag over the capitol dome. Despite the hundredth anniversary of the Civil War, the likely meaning of the battle flag by that time was not the representation of the Confederacy, because the flag had already been used by Dixiecrats and had become recognized as a symbol of protest and resistance. Based on its association with the Dixiecrats, it was at least in part, if not entirely, a symbol of resistance to federally enforced integration. Undoubtedly, too, it acquired a racist aspect from its use by the Ku Klux Klan, whose violent activities increased during this period.”
National Review

Yeah, that flag that only is supposed to denote southern pride? It was brought back in the sixties as a direct response to integration.

And y’all ain’t foolin nobody, the white pride movement is the only type of pride movement that has members with fond memories of Jim Crow and slavery. You can be racist lite all you want, (Pay no attention to what you thought it meant, black people, we will tell you how you’re supposed to feel about it), but you know some 151 proof racists are right there supporting the flag with you.

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