“He was no angel.”

Guess we ain’t gonna hear that too often on this one, you know, complexion issues.

Even thug ass gangsters know, you don’t go shooting nobody in church even if they deserve it. Let alone shooting up the church ladies and the Pastor!

He reloaded, and left one alive to tell the tale.
“You’re taking our Women, taking our jobs, you all got to die!”

Now I happen to believe that people that kill people are crazy, clinically crazy.
The little thugs in the neighborhood and the big ones. Killing in war will change a human too. But, except for white mass murderers it seems, the people that believe that with me now, they generally don’t. they think thugs get what they deserve.

Get your back broken for resisting arrest on a cite?

Good riddance, he was no angel, you would support a thug over the police?

Almost a basketball team worth of people involved in the arrest and transport but nobody knows what happened?

Good riddance, he was no angel, he would support a thug over the police?

But this guy? We have to wait for all the facts to be in, it’s an alleged hate crime, don’t be so quick to rush to judgement. Why does it always have to be about the race? I don’t see color.

In this particular case, I have no idea for the police however. I’m looking straight at you media. I’m looking at every single commentator as well, that would use any of these rationalizations.

My man picked defenseless targets, although evidently he states that a shopping mall but thought it was too hot. Easier pickings at a Wednesday Bible study, full of senior citizens.

He SAT with his targets for a full hour before unloading on them. It was literally cold blooded, premeditated, first degree murder. Did he tease them with clues of their pending death by his gun? I think it will come out that he did. He was the hero of his own crime graphic novel.

Some in the media wonder, why kill old sanctified church ladies if you’re concerned with black man taking “you’re women”?

Could it be to say, I don’t care how sanctified you are, I don’t care how much history this place has for you. it doesn’t matter how well you do, how much good you do, you all need to die.

An absolute racist who was totally accepted by many people who knew that. Certainly his uncle who gave him the gun, was okay about his mental welfare and knew how he weighed in on the subject.

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