“But it’s not racist!” Massacre at historic Black Church leaves 9 dead.

Rachel D, step on down! Your 15 minutes of fame in the 24/7 grind cycle are over! Don’t worry, you still have the talk show circuit, reality TV and that Lifetime movie, I think they’re going to get Stacey Dash to play you.

Let’s welcome the next primary focus of the 24 / 7 news cycle, come on up, Dylan Roof!


I swear to God, before this photo popped up with the old South Africa apartheid flag flying, some people were saying it’s a white guy who shot up and killed nine people at a historic  black church South Carolina, but don’t make it racial!

“What are you, a race divider?” SMH.

And what in the holy hell is up with that haircut? Is that the official, “I’m crazy as hell white guy haircut”? Because you can’t tell me that doesn’t look similar to the nut job from the Aurora theater massacre. I mean, who even gets a bowl cut like that on purpose?

You got to be real church going to be in church on Wednesday night, what an obscenity to cut down 9 church-going folk in the church.

Just saying, as the saying goes, you better check yourself if you are not outraged about him being described as a quiet, never seemes dangerous, lone wolf. Somebody saw him coming, somebody knew what he was capable of.

I hope that somebody who knew and did nothing has a long life, because when they die, they have a special feature spot in hell, for a long eternal time…

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