Black like me?


Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, this s*** is Gangnam style big! As people rush to judge you, to explain you, to justify you, or condemn you, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate you.

Now we have had many Black culture devotees, clearly. Some sincere, others just getting that Pat Boone bank, chaching! But you Ma’am, you have jumped the Rubicon, I’m talking way, way, over the shark.

You have given the impression that you are directly Black, not that all people came from Africa originally black way, but like your Daddy and Mama was Black! I got to admit, you don’t look out of place, you got the hair down!

Chairman of your local chapter of the NAACP, professor of African Studies at the University? A professional artist dealing in Black American culture, damn, that’s the perfecta! I mean, if anything you are over compensating. Just on your actions alone, what would have to call you a down sista.

So many questions I’d like to ask you, the first and most important one being why? Some history of family abuse so awful  that you wanted to distance yourself as far as possible? Black is the new blonde, as in middle class blacks have more fun? And why oh why in holy hell did your family out you?

As much as snark runs the Internet, I want to emphasize no shade in my questions. In our culture, you have to admit this is damn unique. So forgive me for the questions, I’ve never seen anybody like you, and it’s clear nobody else in America has either.

Good luck on your journey sista!

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