Of pool parties and unnecessary combat rolls.

Wow, as my man would say from stay classy San Diego, that escalated quickly!

But me? I’m not feeling the outrage as a man being shot in his back, nor the outrage of a questionable Grand jury result, then taking as gospel.

I am NOT outraged like I would be if a man got shot in a Ohio Walmart, carrying a air rifle that he picked up there at the store

I am NOT as outraged by far, as I was by a 12 year old boy being shot while playing with a toy gun in a Cleveland Park across the street from his house. A falsified story then proven false by video. A incompetent hire, and still no charges. Yeah, that one pissed me off.

I’m not even close to tripping like I am on the facts that a petty corner boy in West Baltimore can get his back broke being taken into custody and on a misdemeanor! Magically, the six guys that were there and the two that took him on a little rough ride… and yet nobody knows how it happened.

Nah, this one cracked me up, big time. It had Supertroopers written all over it, from the moment that Eric the new king of the unnecessary combat roll got going in the video.

I have been a defensive tactics instructor for security as well as a consultant on crowd control for decades. Eric, king of unnecessary combat roll, was one of the most unintentionally funny clusterf*** producing nimrod I have ever seen, and I have seen some doozies . I mean what was dude on, 9 tallboy Red Bulls?

I am literally saving this YouTube video, as an example of everything you don’t do when you respond to a crowd call. He was literally like some bizzaro world police, he did everything backwards, plain ass backwards.

Rough count of what was visible was 30 to 60 tops. Regardless of how many ran away, that’s how many they were dealing with. I await the accurate number, also it must be emphasized we’re talking about 14 to 15 year olds.

Starter teenagers.

Middle school.

Only fight there’s been detailed so far is the fight between the potty mouth white lady who left the scene and started a physical fight, and the 19 year old promoter.

Certainly all the facts are not in yet, but allow me to add to the conjecture.

At some point, the amount of unrecognizable kids from the neighborhood became an issue for potty mouth, which she tried to solve with said potty mouth. At some point they got to the parking lot, where potty mouth institute a hair pulling and scratching fight. Hammerhead split them up, and still unidentified white instigator leaves with friend in suburban style truck.

At some point, at least three officers arrived, including the infamous Eric of the unnecessary combat roll. Other two cops are calmly talking to kids kids are talking to them. Eric is running back and forth when he gets back from his sprint, jacked up on Red Bull or coffee, and starts screaming contradictory orders.


“You want me to sit down, or do you want me to get out of here and I just got here why do I have to leave?”


He’s running around getting people fired up, you had a girl who lives in the complex and has a pass to the pool wants to go get her purse. Remember at this time nobody else is yelling, nobody else is tense, although people are now worried about this cop cussing people randomly.

Well, that got it started. 95 pounds wet, 14 year old in a bikini had disrespected his authority. She had to go down Sarge, she had to!

Now he had trouble restraining her smoothly, even if you’re going to make a bad decision, you have to do it smoothly in the crowd. Particularly when you’re taking somebody in for end for disrespecting your ‘thor-at-T! I mean really, you got to go to the ground with a 95 pound girl? Hmmmm, Eric got a thing going on with the ground, doesn’t he? Those forward rolls and now this.

To be fair, those two kids were getting ready to rush him, but starting at brandishing your gun?!

Command voice first, and I believe that’s all it would have took. Those were middle class kids, but true, anybody can go off then you go to the mace. Then gun and verbal command, silly.

Heres the part that cracks me up every time just like the combat roll, other cops run up on him and get his gun back in his holster and they look at each other like, “What the f*** is up with Eric?”.

Yeah that cracks me up everytime, but lets get to tactical.

This is where I believe it went south, kids ran in as soon as the police rolled up. Which is just liked a sparkly red ribbon for a kitten, they are going to chase it. When the cops get back, the other two guys are composed, talking to kids quietly and giving instructions, not unnecessary combat roll.

The next thing to do would be to be go inside and make contact with the complainant and the responsible parties. once again all the details are not in, depending on how the interviews went, I probably would kill the music, and restrict the pool area to two guests only and resident. I would also try to identify the instigator and put her up on charges for wasting my time. But after combat roll got it started, that option was out.

Pay party with no permission? Too many kids there 14 to15? I’m all over that call! No problemo, just do me a favor, don’t start s*** before I get there.

But really, here’s the big thing, when s*** breaks down, you have to recover, it looks to me that’s what all the other policeman did.

But writing a doctored sanitized report, in the videophone age, in an gang of affluent teenagers….. To echo many police chiefs interviewed around the country what the hell were you thinking? You had to know that they were filming you and you were going to end up on YouTube!

They got more point of view Recordings then the most frenetic action movie ever shot.We are talking a lot of footage!

Too bad, after Eric, as they say in the business, s*** the bed, I thought the police recovered quite nicely, all things considered. That initial report though, doesn’t look good when you see the video.

Now let’s talk about general survival instincts. In a mixed-race crowd you pick up only the brown and black people? Kids who are friends? These are middle-class kids with middle class parents and they are about to do some Holly Hell, middle-class, complaining’s complaining! Again, funny as hell. these guys aren’t Super Troopers, there McHale’s Navy without McHale!

I’m sure those other cops we’re thinking on the way to the end of the shift, “Eric what the f***? You f***** up s***, you know that, right? You couldn’t sit down at least two or three white kids what the f***.”

At leastwise, I think that’s the way it could have gone, we shall see.

So for the record, I see this as a win. Nobody got shot, they’ve got enough video at different angles to tell the whole story, they have the conflicting initial report, and we have a bunch of pissed off white and black middle-class parents.

Armchair quarterbacking, could have done it better, well it would have been nice if they could have made a proactive appearance before s*** got heavy. Community policing you know. But to be fair, I don’t know the density of the area, how many guys are in service on a watch, and if that was even possible.

Oh and leave Eric, the new King of the unnecessary combat roll at the station for the while, and get him a green tea!

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