Yearly Reminder

The United States of America has always nursed fascist ideology, in the name of manifest destiny. I feel bad for white people that are just figuring it out with Donald’s rise, but there is a bit of schadenfreude as well. Well, actually there’s a whole lot of schadenfreude! It tends to get acute on patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, where it’s OK to celebrate the time that we ratified slavery into our essential constitution.

I mean how clear can it be, it’s wasn’t our Independence Day to make historical reference to! To celebrate community and country with family is never a bad thing, I love that part! But even mentioning the slavery aspect, on any day, we are called unpatriotic and told to get over it, let alone around the 4th of July. Well, sort of hard to do, when every damn year we celebrate and ignore, as a country, the section of the country that wasn’t set free by the Fourth of July.

And let’s be very clear, there is no we and us. No monoliths then I speak of. There are black people that are patriotic without acknowledging this and I have made peace with their silence, ain’t mad at the folk. There are white people that stay pissed off and what they see in the hypocrisy forced upon them. And then they’re all the other great cultures and subcultures, all sharing space and culture over the generations. I am talking to those who specifically don’t accept that for non-white Americans in the United States, specifically the descendants of slaves, the Fourth of July is not our Independence Day.

Now as to the question of patriotism, Does this mean I hate the country today? No it does not, in fact I would argue that to rebel against tyranny and oppression in any form is sort of Americas jam, after all. 😉 No, quite the opposite, I had the most vested interest in the success of the American dream. Read the constitution and imagine that instead of just imagining freedom for white men, instead those parts were written with freedom for all. It’s a beautiful document, a grand concept for government. It was even slick enough to build the process that would be able to amend our society to a free and equal status for all, in the future. I’m patriotic for that to be our collective defacto truth like a mug!

Without us all knowing or acknowledging our past, how possibly can we keep on building to the future that we all want?

The purpose of debate is not to win at all costs. That’s a juvenile perversion, a low level of chest thumping and virtue signaling, replete with snappy insults and canned moaning, I’m not inviting that here. Instead for those find discomfort that the isn’t a Black Peoples historical Independence Day, please think of working toward a day when we can all declare, “We started at the bottom and ended up here.” 😄

Many of already are working in that direction, I know this, but I’m solely pleading you who find it an unpatriotic view, understand it’s Independence Day with big ass asterisk for some of us. Acknowledge that speaking on it doesn’t make you less of a patriot, it make you more of one. With liberty and justice for all, am I right?

Have a happy 4th y’all, eat copious amounts of good 4th of July food, watch those fireworks and slam some dominos for me!

The big rip

You know who approves of that sweet, sweet move Nancy made? Trump. She said fook off and crushed the post coverage game in one meme worthy move! Game does recognize game after all. Lol

All politics aside, she accomplished her goal. She pulled a Trump, sucked all the oxygen out of his next day coverage. The media sphere is lit the fuck up with the memtastic stunt. ”Trump gave a speech, yada yada, but did you see Nancy literally rip him a new one?” 

 Love it or hate it, you sure as hell noticed it.

You can start with courtesy in a fight, but in a knife fight, and this is a knife fight, eventually you gots to use a knife if you’re looking to live, let alone win. Blaming Nancy for addressing Trump’s base in the chosen language like telling her to fight barehanded against a blade. That’s a thing a lot of folk upset with Nancy’s dope rip move are missing, she wasn’t talking to them, this was a direct shot at his base and added bonus, the short attention spanners who didn’t even watch.

Trump and his peoples are freaking brilliant, they correctly assessed that WWE show tactics would motivate a strong base who felt ignored…and resented the shit out of it. They ignore all reason discourse as a matter of practice. This includes an incredible alliance of groups that intersect over resentment. It’s more important than racism, it’s more important than stopping abortion, it’s more important than fulfilling Steven Miller Stormfronty based immigration policy.

 Trumpistas exist who object to all those things, but overlook any of the policies they individually don’t like. To achieve this state, it’s all about keeping the majority being fed up, mad as hell, agitated and pissed enough to play unfair, that’s who Nancy was flipping off in a language they can hear.

They ain’t hearing logic or truth, are they? I mean, does anybody think that works by now? Alternative truths sounded funny when jelly Kelly Anne said it 1st, but it turns out to be really effective in these circumstances.

 So what to do when your getting your ass kicked 8th grade style? It’s not like Democrats decorated the arena in Middle School luncheon chic, did they? They didn’t start with the nicknames, the ridiculous racist dog whistle birther campaign, nope, that’s all Trumps to own.

The attempt to be insulting by calling Michelle a man and the nicknames for the Obamas, nope, that is the arena that Trump built, one Twitter at a time. One Tucker propaganda show at a time, one Coulter hate fest at time, one Hannity rant at a time. And they are always angry, because keeping the base angry is job one. Angry people suspend the rules when they are an angry mob.

Trump’s success dies when his supporters calm down, because that’s when the ones who believe in civility and logic start looking for solutions, instead of the current search for domination and revenge. Giving up or getting beat just gets them more riled up when they’re fired up, it doesn’t make a pissed off mob calm down. Nancy was going to get roasted no matter what she did, so I’m calling this a win.

Open letter to Trupistas

Okay by the numbers, we weren’t at war in Syria. We’ve only lost three Americans in Syria because it wasn’t our war. We were there as advisor and now peacekeepers at this point and it was working.

Isis prisoners in camps, no acts of warfare. Nada.

So President Trump didn’t pursue peace by pulling out these troops, These troops weren’t at War.

After being Allied with the kurds for four generations, we have left them hanging ass out as we’ve done so many times to allies with changes of administration. Hard to America, hard to trust a long-term.

The president really does have a lot of power. To f*** s*** up. Period People are dying over this active war zone and hundreds of thousands fleeing for their lives.

What happens next? Do you think that the guerrilla warfare that goes on house-to-house that was featured in the Syrian Civil War, that it’s not going to happen again? And also do you think all those ISIS people that are come back out of the woodwork and out of the jails? Are going to not be who they are? Of course they’re going to go back to their old ways.

What’s the next thing that’s going to happen? Well, if you move in two million syrians and two Kurdish territory, I imagine that there’s going to be some beef.

Next Big Thing, they’ve given the Kurds for days to get out of town… and go where?

So all these arguments about Trump not doing it for personal gain, but doing it to keep the peace is ridiculous. Trump’s just sent 2,000 troops To Saudi Arabia. We have about 50 to 60,000 troops at any one time doing the policeman thing. Donald Trump straight threw our allies to the wolves. Without any warning.

Actively cheering on from the White House the ethnic cleansing of Kurds by Turkey.

I already am where I came from.

I heard a story about an intelligence analysis contest held by the CIA. They gave a medium level, intel question set to a bunch of ordinary folk & professional analysts, matched what they can figure out with Google as opposed to the professionals with the full toolkit. Seems a hairdresser in Ohio had one of the most remarkable record in predictions, consistently beat the professionals at Langley.

Absolutely nobody needs inside information to see the clear and present danger, in my opinion. There is some crazy dissociative problem with the American memory, I’m always astounded by how the treatment of minorities in particular is always not considered in these assessments.

A portion of American White Culture has always been about churn and burn, short term profit and damn labors rights. Right next to slavery in the exploitive category, less profoundly evil than chattel slavery but still on the unspeakable scale , is the story of American labor.

The certainty to blame Trump and his administration misses that the seeds of this “coup” were planted long ago.

I trace this most recent iteration directly to Jimmy Carter and his purge of the CIA and Intelligence. The whole Iranian hostage ending to coincide with the election of the 1st Star president. I mean, come on, hostage release timed with the inauguration? Ex CIA chief the VP, with the useful idiot up front? That doesn’t scream spy novel dust jacket? He settled Carters hash, then took the power of the throne.

88: Iran-contra gate, drugs into the poorer urban black communities escalates, yadda yadda, then Bush takes the seat. Gets his oil grudges on in Iraq, decides fuck this public eye bullshit and we get our 1st young, charismatic, policy wonk, guy from nowhere, who in his 8 years carries out more Republican public policy than Bush could have dreamed of.

We accelerate our ‘we the worlds sheriff now!’ And program. Some cool genre movies like BlackHawk Down emerge.

In this 20 year period we have created the new never ending threat, to replace those Russians and Chinese, the Muslims.

2000 Junior takes a turn, and regardless of motive, it can be agreed on millions died and many millions suffered as a direct result of the second Iraq war on Terror.

2003 Bush starts calling America the Homeland, everybody whose up on the Fatherland connotation shudders. Airport security, strictly for show and conditioning begins.

Across America, schools, government buildings and private business start physically searching people, conditioning continues. In NYC, some LEOs patrol with automatic weapons, and stop and frisk is rolled out, but being that in basically doesn’t effect white people, the implications go unnoticed by the general press.

2008, second photogenic, policy wonk with a talented wife gets the nods, he can’t play sax, but man can he sing and tell jokes. And again, under his watch, he carry’s out more Republican wish list items than Bush could have ever dreamed of.

Short list, Iraq, 90 percent collateral damage drone strike rate, assassin list, locking up whistle blowers, militarizing police, using occupy to practice, this is is also the test rollout of antifa, the plucky group of white guys in masks who show up at the end of rallies to break shit up. Three active officers were outed in Oakland, I know of at least two others.

I mean really, you don’t think they could have caught those guys?by now? Really?

Trump likes to point out Obama was hard on the Border, like it was a discovery or something. Obama was the best moderate right Republican in policy since Eisenhower, and considering the handicap, he did what you can sitting in the killing throne.

Trump is certainly a clear danger and extreme, but with historical perspective, he’s a continuation, ‘not an originator.

That was hella brief. A Facebook comment can’t even do justice to a summary, let alone details. Many many subplots left out of this sparse outline.

But summary as follows:

Republican party’s the face of it, but… The system itself is more WWE scripted than random, and the collusion I worry about more is the one that resulted in Democrats in Masse voting for Iraq II.

Say we get a Dem ticket to stop the bad man, last two times that happened…

Emergency security acts will be re signed, whistle blowers will be publically pilloried, and I get Republicans sucking Putin’s ring finger, but how and hell are mainstream Democrats bringing the Russians back to world threat status, again?

Well at least we know on a domestic level, there is a lesser evil between the two choices. Vote democrat, because if we have to sort it out, and we do, it’s better to operate kneedeep in shit than up to your neck.


Fatigue chronicle #1

It’s piling up on us now, it has been for a while. Assaults on every rule an custom promoting empathy and decency for recent immigrants.

That’s what this man is, earned with his wife’s patriotic sacrifice. Earned with a decade off decent behavior. Gold star family member deported after Trump Administration aggressive new policy, treats what was an infraction, a cite, but now is deportable. At risk of separating him from the same child whose mother lost her life in Afghanistan in service to this county. So a decade later he’s deportable? Maybe he was scared to go to court in the days of Trump, wonder why.

That about sizes up the pro deportation crowds argument, right? 😏 Not a good PR move for the pro round em crowd, not a good look at all. 😂

(I laugh because I’m just telling jokes at this point, ironic observational humor. The people saying pro deport his ass thing KNOW the facts, y’all anti minor infractions equal deportation crowd, right?)

Anybody for this at this point is just identifying their MAGA tribe, signifying and signaling allegiance, their blinded, wounded pride. So clearly, there is no low not already imagined and hoped for by this crowd, none at all.

Say the wall could work, it can’t, but for the sake of argument.

What is step two?

Deportation of current illegal aliens, as they say. Problem is, when you’re haunting court dockets and such, you get low hanging fruit that wasn’t even a problem, like this man. 11 million, how could there not be massive detention camps in phase 2, at some point? If this is the bar being set, expect two things, the resistance will grow greatly as this escalates.

It is actually not funny of course, not funny in the least bit. This assault on our standards of decency, this reveal of the original sin of manifest destiny… but only for some.

This disregard for humans civility and compassion in this case is just setting the stage. Every old cliche to make the other be a threat whispered, if not shouted. Gang members, welfare leaches, diseased, rapists, vermin… These are familiar and documented traditional war propaganda techniques. We already have had historic enforcement in this area, but didn’t favor Esteban Miller level aggressive enforcement, it didn’t fit his white nationalist, whole homie routine.

You have to listen what they say, they say there way of life is threatened, and Trump is the best tool for the job.

Combined with the religious right, the insidious soft racism based on fear, combined with the more blunt racism of hate and tradition, add a liberal dollop of willing to swallow the first two 2 reach goals, oh don’t forget the let it all burn Susan set!

So I really have been worn down by outrage, I can’t stay there. It has worn on my folk all my life and this resurgence is all too familiar. Some wag usually answers the racism claim at some time with, “what about unemployment”, Imagining themselves clever. To even think that is a appropriate answer, arguing with that with facts. Back to laughing, because there’s no point in believing they won’t defend what they accomplish such as this.

Not even trying to lie about it.

“Missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s killer spent 15 minutes slicing up his body while his accomplices wrapped up the dismembered pieces, it has been claimed. 

The 60-year-old critic of the Saudi leadership was last seen entering the country’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 2. 2018

Turkish officials say that they have recorded evidence which proves that he was assassinated by a 15-strong hit squad who flew in on a private jet.

Dr Salah al-Tubaigy, an autopsy expert who studied in Glasgow in 2004, is reportedly one of the suspects in the hit squad accused of torturing and killing Mr Khashoggi, according to the New York Times . 

A source has claimed that Mr Khashoggi was cut up alive in a seven minute killing by the autopsy expert, who has gained the nickname ‘Dr Death’.

The journalist’s body parts were wrapped up by the team, while music played in the background.”

Link to source.


I left outrage back about a year-and-a-half ago, now it’s just basically, “man, what the f*** will he do next?”

Big shout out to Melania. Poor lady, she just signed up to be a gold digger trophy wife, she had an anchor kid, she got her parents over here, she was living on da Ritz, houses everywhere she wanted to be. Her husband was a fool sure, but she had hers and it wasn’t that bad for a former second-rate New York model and appearance girl.

Now her marriage is getting run all over the coals in the most public way possible. Watch, they gonna be talking about her and him in Africa too. In this interconnected world, there will be no escape. I picture in my mind, the Devil, as played by Ricardo Montebon overacting, laughing hysterically over her contract.

I don’t fault her for having a marriage of convenience coming Lord knows it’s not a wrong thing. No, I pity the hell out of her, This Night Gallery episode horrorshow just keep on metastasizing in the most embarrassing public way.

So on to this latest what the f*** moment brought to you by Donald Trump, titled:

—The truth is not the truth, and he really didn’t even commit a crime.—

It’s all so crazy watching Mueller slow-walk Trump through the paces. What’s even crazier, it’s already all been out on TV for us all to see. You can’t, “just joking” away saying, “Russia please if you’re watching, release Hillary’s emails!”

You can’t explain away the Tower meeting with Junior and Company with what we saw in almost real-time, including the email with Don saying, “you got dirt? oh yeah!”

And Paul Manafort, what what in the holy f*** happened there? From the day he was drafted to be campaign manager, I just couldn’t even see how that had happened. A political operative from most recently the Ukraine? Are you f****** kidding me? Either nobody vetted s***, or these vatos were ridin dirty as hell and didn’t care who knew it.

It seems obvious to me that Trump and Company never thought they were going to win and they didn’t do anything right. They didn’t get anybody who didn’t play fair, they didn’t keep good records, they stole, cheated and basically operated his business as usual.

And they’re going to continue to do it to tell somebody stops them, it’s the burnout sale, and they are are blowing up everything they can for-profit and revenge.

Right now, Trump people are actually defending Trump even though his boy got convicted on the same charge. That foolio was on TV today saying it wasn’t even illegal! I don’t know how it’s all going to play out, but this is must see reality TV since this fool got into office, may the Gods bless our souls.

CBD infused massage oil

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Original Canna Massage site.